Rocco’s Remote: Game Of Thrones Returns With Dragons, Swords, And Swingers

GoT 2

After what seemed like an eternity, Game of Thrones finally returned Sunday to HBO.

If you were smart, you watched at least some of the all-day marathon that they preceded it with. If only to remind yourself of some of the events leading up to our new season.

So, we open to Tywin Lannister coldly having Ned Stark’s Valyrian great sword Ice melted down to create not one but two swords out of it. That just shows how good the creators of this show are. It also struck me that this really showed how ruthless Tywin is. I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series that the show is based on, and the show runners are doing it justice. Knowing what does come next and knowing how good Benioff & Weiss are at translating Mr. Martin has got me so excited for this season. Pedro Pascal is fantastic as Prince Oberyn Martell and I am so pumped to see his story play out on screen. Peter Dinklage IS Tyrion Lannister and there can be no other. The actors have been chosen with skill, the sets are magnificent. The books are not short. There are thousands of pages. And the work that is being done to adapt it in a way that keeps the heart of the story intact is awesome. The one thing that I don’t like is that the season is only 10 episodes. I could watch this all year long.

And there were some amazing references made tonight to other parts of the story that really tantalized me. The Dornish prince’s scene with Tyrion in the alley outside the brothel was positively drool-worthy! I’m not going to spoil anything here for the show-only fans, but this story only gets better and it looks like the show is devoted to giving the viewer the WHOLE story. And, trust me, it’s worth it.

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