Rocco’s Remote: Justified Hints At What’s To Come (Season Finale)


Raylan Givens may be the quintessential lawman, but on this week’s Justified Season Finale, I saw Arlo’s son show up. Throughout the show’s run Raylan has been pretty adamant about hating his dad’s criminal ways and tried very hard to be the best deputy US Marshal he could be.  He may have been a throwback lawman in the sense that he was always quick to say, “They drew first”, but he’s always been on the right side of the law. I originally thought that Raylan’s involvement last season in Nicky Augustine’s death was nothing more than him “proactively defending” his family. But after seeing him endure Art’s wrath for it and watching Michael Rapaport’s final moments on the show, I began to wonder how much of Arlo actually seeped into his only son. The way that Raylan set up his plan to get Darryl Crow Jr.’s confession, and the ensuing results left me saying out loud, “Well look at Arlo Givens’ little boy right there”.

Of course, I could be way overthinking this and Raylan may just think that bad people deserve to die. Either way, I looked into the eyes of a bad man at that moment. And I can’t seem to shake the idea that if he stays in Kentucky much longer, he may get to a place he can’t come back from.

This season has been a great one in my opinion, albeit one that saw Raylan on the outside of things for a good portion. How the show runners decide to finish this character’s story next year, is something only they know. But I for one cannot wait to see what happens to Kentucky’s best lawman’s final showdown with his arch nemesis, Boyd Crowder. Tuesday’s final scene told the world that it’s coming. And knowing both men and their entwined past, it should make for one of the great finales in TV history.

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