Pet Slimmers Of The Year – Fragments Of Uniforms


PET SLIMMERS OF THE YEAR, regardless of what you think of their band name, was a pleasure to listen to as well as a nice addition to the list of albums I’ve had the honor of reviewing. The three piece progressive, post-rock band from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom signed to Candlelight Records, and Fragments of Uniforms is the second full length album that follows their debut entitled …And the Sky Fell. Once again, this is a band that music enthusiasts of any genre can get hooked on to. In my case, I knew what I was getting myself into about a minute into the album and I knew that listening to this would be the equivalent of musical therapy.

Fragments of Uniforms should be an album that makes any listener want to go back through their discography to listen to everything. For me, I love falling asleep to some mellow music at the end of a long day of circle pits, crowd surfing, headbanging, stage diving, and every other activity that we metalheads take part in. PET SLIMMERS OF THE YEAR is another band that flies up in that list of bands that not only takes you on a beautiful, musical journey, but makes you want to personify the sounds that you hear. For any readers who have not heard of PSOTY, much like me about a week ago, I would recommend them if you are fans of EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, PELICAN, and T.R.A.M.

Fragments of Uniforms opens softly with a song called “Arterias,” which creates a sound equivalent of entering a new world just opened for exploring. After a couple of minutes, you catch yourself grooving out to the music almost subconsciously. One of the added elements to some songs on the record are the few lyrics that fit very tastefully. Nothing is forced or overdone. The small amounts of soft singing compliment the music very well. Not only do the riffs take you away and make you want to groove while listening, but it is very easy to notice just how tight the drumming is throughout. After all, it’s a testament to great musicianship when listeners WANT to hear your experimental, instrumental, progressive band play songs that average out to be six minutes roughly.

“Churning of the Sea of Milk” starts out with a sludgy, doom metal riff, which makes this the first dark sounding song of the album. Yet, this is one of the tracks that sticks out to me the most because not only does the perfectly calm, soft singing come back, but this really does mesh together the beautiful sound that PET SLIMMERS OF THE YEAR has to offer along with an introduction into their heavier sound. Following “Churning of the Sea of Milk” is the single entitled “Days Since I Disappeared.” It becomes pretty obvious as to why this track was chosen to be the first release off of Fragments of Uniforms, because of how gentle it starts out, yet with the seamless transition the music takes us into heavy riffs. The final track of the album, “La Tormenta,” keeps the transition from heavy and soft, dark and beautiful in ways that keeps the listener in their musical utopia. Needless to say, I was very impressed with what I heard.

STANDOUT TRACKS “Arterias”, “Churning of the Sea of Milk”, “Days Since I Disappeared”, “La Tormenta”

RATING: 9/10


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