The Amity Affliction Rock The Door In Dallas!! – 4/12/14

amity affliction bandThis past Saturday, I caught the Aussie group THE AMITY AFFLICTION. Other than hearing their name a few times, I was completely unfamiliar with their music; luckily, I was given a copy of their latest release Chasing Ghosts so I could be somewhat prepared for this review. This style of music isn’t really my cup of tea, but I knew seeing these guys live would give me a better idea of what they are really about.  I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, especially after attending The METAL ALLIANCE Tour the previous night.

I arrived at The Door/The Prophet Bar in Dallas, TX with plenty of time to spare before THE AMITY AFFLICTION would go on. Although I wasn’t able to catch HEARTIST, I did see SECRETS while waiting and I will say that I wasn’t too impressed. This all changed once the Aussie five piece took the stage. The mood was set with the infectious “Chasing Ghosts” opening the short set. There was so much energy on that stage especially from the drummer who was just pounding away at those skins; this energy was matched by the crowd which was about 60% full so far. I was pretty shocked to notice bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer wearing a CANNIBAL CORPSE shirt, I must be in good company! As soon as “R.I.P. Bon” kicked in everyone just started jumping like they we’re back in their sixth grade PE class. By this point I could already tell that these guys were tight, the double bass was killer, and the screams were very solid. The crowd whipped into a frenzy when “I Hate Hartley” started, keeping the pace high.

Many of the fans were able to scream into the mic on this tune. Halfway through the set and I have to say, I was very impressed by Ahren Stringer’s vocal delivery on the clean singing parts of the songs; you could see him putting everything into these words, singing with true feeling.

As the band pummeled through the next two songs “Youngbloods” and “Anchors” the crowd remained rowdy as ever with countless stage dives and crowd surfing going on. A few lucky young ladies even managed to snap selfies with Ahren, one of which I was able to obtain from a friend. I hate for him to seem like the main focus of this review but he seems to be a popular dude! After almost every song one or two people would end up still on stage and vocalist Joel Birch would say “party foul, now you have to wait for the next song to kick in and jump!” The interaction was great. Now we’ve come to the set closing song “Open Letter” and I will admit after hearing this song live, I can’t stop listening to it!! The catchy ones always seem to win me over. They couldn’t have chosen a better way to wrap their set. They were very grateful that the American scene has taken notice of them and it really shined through by their performance.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind seeing THE AMITY AFFLICTION again. Although there were no circle pits or moshing going on, the energy was amazing. Be sure to catch the Hollow Bodies Tour also featuring BLESS THE FALL, SILVERSTEIN, SECRETS and HEARTIST already in full swing coming to a city near you.


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