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The self-titled debut of supergroup KILLER BE KILLED was exactly everything I thought it could be. That means that I should start this review by immediately telling you to pick up this album. Featuring members of bands that are currently or were at the top of their genre, KILLER BE KILLED was an obvious selection of a supergroup that would inherently create great music right from their debut. On this record, Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, ex-SEPULTURA, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY) shreds on guitar along with another interesting pick on guitar that not many people would expect, Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN,) while both handle vocals. Additional vocals are provided by bassist Troy Sanders (MASTODON) which adds a kind of rock and roll sound to the metal and punk provided by Puciato and Cavalera. After all, to tie these genres together, who better than Dave Elitch (ex-THE MARS VOLTA) on drums to provide creativity to accommodate the signature groove brought in by Sanders on bass.

Killer Be Killed comes out May 13 via Nuclear Blast Records and features 11 tracks that will make any listener headbang, relate to the lyrics, groove out, and maybe even catch yourself air-drumming in your car on long trips (I know I’ve received some stares.) If you are like me though and catch the eye of the public while blasting KILLER BE KILLED, let it be known that there is absolutely no shame attached for loving amazing music that does a fantastic job of embodying the sound of each individual band that every member plays in outside of KILLER BE KILLED. In fact, there are songs on Killer Be Killed that seem to introduce themselves as much to say that “this song was inspired by SOULFLY or THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN,” or whatever band’s sound seems to stick out the most. When Troy Sanders sings, which is just as often as Greg and Max, the MASTODON sound really does mesh well with the riffs that are found in bands such as CAVALERA CONSPIRACY as well. I was also very impressed with Puciato’s skill on guitar alongside Cavalera. I didn’t even know that he played, so that was the first mind-blowing trait about this album. On top of that, he sounds how you would expect him to while singing and screaming. He brings the already talented aspect of TDEP and magnifies it. KILLER BE KILLED is officially a supergroup that is doing it right!

It is downright impossible for me to just pick a couple of songs or a few that jump out at me from this record because after listening to it more than five times, I can say that not once was I bored, not once did I skip a song, and it is nowhere near played out to me. Killer Be Killed jumps out to me; it is that rare album to have this effect on me to where I am really unable to nitpick. For listeners who may not be a fan of one of the bands that a member is currently in besides KILLER BE KILLED, I would advise them to stick through the songs because they are very catchy and there is more than enough style to spread around for everyone’s listening pleasure on this record. Many rumors come about with supergroups, but KILLER BE KILLED announced that they were doing an album, paid their music forward for their fanbase to hear, and will receive great reviews upon release. Just remember, you heard it here first at Amps and Green Screens.


RATING: 10/10


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