Rocco’s Remote: Motive – Welcome Back, Vega And Flynn!!


Motive is back! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year without detectives Flynn and Vega! The cop show where we already know both the killer and the victim, returned Wednesday night, and in typical Motive fashion, did not disappoint. The chemistry that I loved from season one is back. This time, it looks like there will be a new twist.

Their new boss appears to be someone that Flynn (Kristin Lehman) knows pretty well. Played by Warren Christie (Alphas), Sergeant Cross comes in as the new Homicide head honcho, and immediately shakes things up a little. The show’s successful structure of giving the audience all but the why, works. To me, that’s what separates it from other cop shows. Even though we know who killed who, finding out the why is proving to be very watchable.

They show just enough of the main characters private lives to keep you caring about them, yet not taking from each episodes search for motive. If I have one problem with the show, it’s that Detective Flynn always seems to piece together the why more or less on her own. It would be nice to see Vega (Louis Ferreira) be the one to crack things once in a while. Other than that, I think the series is staying pretty original and the characters remain very likable.

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