SOiL Is Whole Live At Trees!!: Dallas, TX – 5/29/14


Tell them what you want to be and don’t hide it from them, tell them where you want to be and they’ll take you there. A little play on words from the track “Need to Feel”, just to describe just how Ryan (vocalist), Tim (bassist), and Adam (guitar), feel about you making it to their next show.

Though SOiL has been going strong with an interim lead singer over the past several years, nothing feels as good as the return of Ryan McCombs to the stage. Bringing the classics back to the fans who remember them well, and making room for the new album Whole (an A&GS Top 25 favorite of 2013!!) which according to Ryan, “people felt like it was the album that should have come after Scars and Redefine, it was the album that belonged next in line after those two albums”.

With so many shows being played over in Europe, it’s enough to make an All-American rock and metal fan jealous. SOiL made the trek back to familiar territory as they were welcomed home to the infamous Trees Dallas in Deep Ellum. You saw multiple generations in attendance, the hardcore old-school SOiL fans who still haven’t forgotten the hooks and riffs that originally gripped them, and the younger crowds who could have been introduced to them from their recent run with ALL THAT REMAINS.

The band rushed the stage to start their set with “Breaking Me Down”, and sent a shot of adrenaline through the club. Song tempos that fast aren’t common, and I highly recommend this one to anyone needing an immediate way to amp yourself up. The energy continued as they performed the new tracks “Loaded Gun”, and “The Hate Song.” They appeased the crowd with “Redefine”, and “My Own”, but the last-song-of-the-night finale sent everyone home happy. Tim and Adam started playing the opening riffs to “Halo” and Ryan descended from the stage to the middle of the room. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to be an extra in the video shoot years ago, we had our second shot as we recreated the street scene in the video, surrounding him and singing the chorus back to him.

There is something to be said about a vocalist who clings to his microphone like it’s the only thing keeping him alive. There is something to be said about a guitar player and bassist who are so in tune with their fans that they use every ounce of their energy to fuel their music, and give everyone exactly what they waited in line for all day. Check out SOiL’S new album Whole, and keep an eye out for the next opportunity to see them live. I know our own Maestro is still kicking himself for missing this one!


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