Rocco’s Remote: Game Of Thrones Ends With Shock & Awe!!


Game of Thrones is over. Again. Shit! Remind me again why one of the best TV shows on today is only 10 freakin’ episodes long? It’s funny because the books that the show is based on are anything but short! I’ve read that the author, George RR Martin, has pushed for longer seasons as well. And, while we’re at it, he also expressed the desire for a possible trio of movies to sum the series up. That would be NOTHING short of awesome. But that’s a story for another time. I’m here to tell you how awesome Sunday’s finale was. And it was pretty fucking awesome. Over the last few seasons, the show has picked the second to last episode to really wow the viewers. This year, I felt like they pretended to do that with episode 9’s “Watchers on the Wall” which was an enormous undertaking, to say the least. To have an entire episode devoted to only one physical area of Westeros showed the commitment the showrunners have. And, before tonight’s 66 minutes of a different kind of shock and awe, it certainly lived up to the “penultimate episode is the best” theory.

But tonight showed us that this year was gonna be a little different. With so many character arcs to show, and in some cases, end, they had their work cut out. And in my opinion, they’ve done it brilliantly. We had Daenaerys see what happens as dragons get older, and we found out whether Tyrion lived or died, and how well that worked out for someone else in particular. We also saw how Jon Snow’s walk beyond the wall worked out. And a very tiny hint as to whom else is interested in him. And, as if that wasn’t enough, they were cool enough to give us some downright wicked stuff in Brandon Stark’s bittersweet meeting with someone he’s been searching for. Arya’s voyage, appealingly at an end, took a turn that opened up her story as well.  The only thing that I will say, and it isn’t really a negative comment, is that I was hoping for a little glimpse of a certain “avenger” of sorts that was hinted at by one of the shows stars on her Instagram page. Alas, I’ll have to wait till next year.

As much as I want to discuss all the fantastic details, I’m sure there are some who haven’t been able to sit down and watch it yet, so I’m refraining a little. Like I’ve said before, I have read the five books (out of the planned seven total), and am actually almost finished with my first re-read of them. That may seem a little obsessive to some, but there are details that you can only see in the second or third go-round with these books. The reason that I bring all this up is that I find it truly remarkable that this story can even be translated into a television form. The two guys who do it are really authors in their own right. They are able to condense characters and omit others without taking from the heart of the story; a story that they actually know the ending to. I truly hope that Mr. Martin does at least get book six published before the show surpasses him, but with David Benioff and Dan Weiss superbly handling the telling of it on their end, I will find out through them if I have to. Hails to Game of Thrones!!

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