Threat Signal/Hatchet/Solice And Deep Ellum…Perfect Together: Dallas, TX – 6/13/14

p634517274-3After a long week of work Friday night couldn’t come fast enough. Why? Because I was getting to see my boys in HATCHET again, along with THREAT SIGNAL and SOLICE for the first time. And what better place to do it than at The Curtain Club, a venue I really dig because of the big sound the room has. Once again I enlisted the Wonder Twins Ryan and Hannah to come out with me; Ryan, the head photographer at Ardent Owl Media, who took these great photos, and Hannah for the wonderful company. This was the third show I’ve worked with/hung out with them for, and we always have a blast. Now, on to business!

The first band we saw was SOLICE, who are from Dallas, and put on a great show. Once again this was my first time seeing/hearing them so I didn’t know what to expect. It seemed like it took them a song or two to get going, but once they did they had the crowd’s attention. Singer Xtina is a powerhouse vocalist and her bandmates complement her very well. I’m looking forward to catching them again, hopefully in a longer set.

p717218559-3Which brings me to HATCHET. HATCHET, HATCHET, HATCHET…you want some pure, riff-tastic fucking thrash metal? Then you got it! And The Curtain Club sure as shit got it on Friday as the boys opened fire with “Silenced By Death” from 2013’s Dawn of the End record. At this point if you’re not headed over to iTunes or your local retailer and purchasing it then turn in your Thrash Metal membership card. Go get it…I’ll wait. OK, you’re back. Good! Up next was “Fall From Grace” followed by “Dawn of the End”, a personal favorite. As the duo of singer/guitarist Julz Ramos and Clark Webb traded face-melting solos, bassist and perennial shit-stir Devin Reiche started twirling his finger in a circular motion, leering menacingly, letting everyone know it was circle pit time. The fans happily obliged, one of my friends Jose being the first one in.

Another thing I have to mention is Eli Lucas’ drumming. I saw these guys back in April at The Boiler Room and he was awesome. But for some reason, on this night, he was goddamn superhuman. And the SOUND of his snare drum was something else! Obviously, in a bigger, better room things are gonna sound better, but on all their songs, especially “Signals of Infection” and closer “Vanishing Point” I could really feel as much as hear every single nuance of his playing. HATCHET really made a statement with their brief set, and it becomes more apparent with each and every gig that they are a force to be reckoned with in the metal world, so RECOGNIZE!!

p804107007-3Having only gotten into THREAT SIGNAL a short time ago I haven’t really had time to dissect them as much as I’d like, what with purchasing three albums in under an hour and all. But let me tell you what I DO know…this band brings the thunder and lightning and can knock you on your ass in seconds. And I really think they’ve come into their own on their latest self-titled release. Guitarist Travis Montgomery has helped make an already great band sound greater and when he solos you feel every note. Two of the night’s best songs were “Comatose” and “Disposition” hands down, but I also really enjoyed the end solo on older tune “Through My Eyes” which also showcases Jon Howard’s singing as much as the screaming; a perfect balance.

We were also treated to a brand new song “Nostalgia” that I highly enjoyed as did my concert buddy. The remainder of the set was culled from the Under Reprisal album. When you hear “A New Beginning” live you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about with these guys if you don’t already. Jeezus! Another favorite of mine “Counterbalance” was next. This is definitely one of those drive-down-the-highway-doin-90mph type of songs and live it had some serious bite. And the whole band swung for the fences with “Now”. There’s so much going on you almost don’t know where to look. Then the chorus comes in and it’s all melody before the face-punching resumes on the verses again. I’m exhausted just writing about it! Sadly all good things must come to an end, and with one last song “Rational Eyes” the boys in THREAT SIGNAL bid us adieu. This gig was even more special due to it being Travis’ birthday and he was able to play in front of a hometown crowd. Check them out live ASAP!!

At this point it was time for me to head out so I missed BLACK TIDE. However, my partner-in-crime Hannah stayed. Read what she thought:

p986837194-2“As the curtains slid to the side revealing Gabriel Garcia, Austin Diaz, Ronny Gutierrez and Cody Paige of BLACK TIDE, it was obvious that these guys knew what they were doing.

It was unfortunate though, because although they were the headliners, the crowd that was left was tired. BLACK TIDE’S energy was enough alone to keep the kids on their feet with fists pumping, but the mosh pit was a bit of a historical idea.

Anyhow, they sure did put on a show! Even playing “Shockwave” that Jon Howard from THREAT SIGNAL told me they request them to play every night, but they never do. I’m sure glad they did last night though, because that is definitely one of my personal favorites.”

So there you have it. Great friends, a killer photographer, and some seriously crushing music made for one awesome, awesome Friday. I even got to see my dear friend Brian Torch. P.S. I did get the riot act from my friends for not turning them onto THREAT SIGNAL sooner, but…they sang songs of lavish praise to me for showing them HATCHET and strongly urging them to come out to the show, so I’ll take that for the win.

One comment to “Threat Signal/Hatchet/Solice And Deep Ellum…Perfect Together: Dallas, TX – 6/13/14”
One comment to “Threat Signal/Hatchet/Solice And Deep Ellum…Perfect Together: Dallas, TX – 6/13/14”
  1. Hey Damian – we were on hand for the show too – good times. Alterflesh is hosting Curtain Palooza v3.0 on Saturday, July 19 – both Alterflesh (alternative) and Daylight Industries (gypsy rock) are being inducted into the local music wall of fame, being awarded picture plaques to be hung on the wall that night – my friends in the alternative megaband Cold are flying in to headline the show with an acoustic set. For these Palooza shows we set up the upstairs with a red carpet/red carpet backdrop for fun photo ops, bring in artists and food and it really does transform into an event. You, Ryan, and Hannah should come out and join us as our guests as members of the press. Just reach out and I’ll hook you up! Much love – stay positive, cultivate your dreams, and support your local music scene!

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