Ten Good Minutes With Phil Bozeman From Whitechapel

WHITECHAPEL - PHIL BOZEMAN 2I was able to score a very quick interview with Phil Bozeman, vocalist for WHITECHAPEL not too long ago. He’s a man of few words, but spend some time with him and you’ll see a man with a true passion for what he does. And WHITECHAPEL have really knocked it out of the park with newest album Our Endless War, out now via Metal Blade Records. I was happy to let him know that and he was very appreciative. We also got into the creative process of the band, his love of video games, and more. So, read on:

Amps: So, how are things in the land of WHITECHAPELright now?

Phil: Goin’ good, man. We’re getting ready to go out and promote the new album, play some new songs and start a fresh new album cycle.

Amps: Our Endless War is really crushing, start to finish. Tell me about the writing of this album vs. older ones.

Phil: Well it’s pretty much the same process we’ve always had. We just write the music throughout the whole year and we have a huge library of riffs that the guys write. We just write new music and dig through those and see what works. We’ve done it like that since the start.

Amps: This is your fifth album and I’m so late to the party with you guys, but I’m all in now! How excited are you for the masses to hear it?

Phil: Really excited, man. We want feedback and for people to let us know what they think of the new stuff we’re putting out. Hopefully they can adapt to it and appreciate it for what it is and still dig it. And hopefully we’ll gain some new fans from it.

Amps: It seems like, with each album, you’ve steadily expanded your audience.

Phil: Touring with all different kinds of bands over the years has put us in front of a lot of different people and given us a chance to make fans of them.

WHITECHAPEL - PHIL BOZEMANAmps: Do you have any favorite songs on the record, or do you love ’em all?

Phil: I never really pick a favorite. I put all the passion into every song and don’ really pick and choose which ones I like the best.

Amps: Well, I’m from the old school of making mixes, first on tapes and now CDs. I make driving mixes and “The Saw is the Law” is kickass!! I may run people over to this one!

Phil: (Laughing) thanks, man. I appreciate that.

Amps: You’re doing the late spring/summer run, and then what? What’s after that? How long do you think you’ll be put in support of this one?

Phil: We don’t have too much set up for after this run with DEVILDRIVER.

Amps: Do you ever do any writing on the road, or no?

Phil: No, we write on the road. We write everywhere. If a restaurant has Wi-Fi we might plug in and go. If someone has an idea we’ll start recording no questions asked.

Amps: Tell me ONE thing about Phil Bozeman that we might not know.

Phil: Ummm…I’m actually a really nice guy. I’m not as crazy as people think I am. I’m a pretty big video game nerd and pretty lazy. I used to be a very active person but now I’m lazy.

Amps: When you’re not working on WHITECHAPEL music, what are you listening to?

Whitechapel - Our Endless War CoverPhil: Honestly, as weird as it may sound I don’t really listen to music that much whenever I’m off tour. I don’t listen to much because I’m surrounded by it. Whenever I go off and escape from it for a while I always come to appreciate it more. I like DEFTONES and a lot of KATATONIA.

Amps: With that in mind, when the album is finished and you all get your masters do you listen to the whole thing start to finish? Or have you heard it so much you need to get the hell away from it?

Phil: No, I listen to it to see how it sounds. Plus, at the beginning you’re excited and so stoked about it. We still are, but it’s our own band so we know how everything goes and we do listen over and over to make sure everything’s right.

Amps: I think that being a six-piece with a three-pronged guitar attack, that really sets you apart from other bands. It’s chunkier and thicker, which I love. Do you agree?

Phil: Oh yeah. It’s definitely one of the things we’re known for now.

Amps: If you weren’t the singer for this band what would you be doing?

Phil: Probably just going to school or working a normal job like anybody else. I was into car detailing before I started doing this. That’s something I did for a while and then I devoted all my time to this.

Amps: Say something to all the WHITECHAPEL fans out there.

Phil: Thank you for all the support. Without you guys we wouldn’t be able to do it and hopefully you enjoy the new album and we’ll be in a city near you pretty soon. Come out and see us and have a good time.

At press time the current run with DEVILDRIVER was drawing to a close, but fear not, there are still four shows remaining here in the great state of Texas. A&GS will be at the Dallas date this Sunday June 22 at Gas Monkey Bar N’Grill. Tickets are still available, so be sure and get yours. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Our Endless War!!

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