Wasted Theory – Death And Taxes


WASTED THEORY is a Delaware based stoner rock/doom band. They self-released their full-length album, Death and Taxes, on May 30, 2014. The quartet cites influences such as CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, and CLUTCH, among others. These influences are very apparent on the LP, as the record is full of heavy, yet catchy riffs and a hardnosed attitude. Along with the catchy instrumentation are some gritty vocals that sort of remind me of Matt Pike (HIGH ON FIRE/SLEEP). WASTED THEORY has assembled a collection of eight songs that make me want to drive fast, drink my face off (not while driving, of course), and just have a good goddamn time!

The album begins with “Dead is Dead.” I get a really cool THE SWORD type vibe from this one. The harmonized guitar leads that start off the track are excellent, but the groove that follows is even better. This one definitely has a southern feel to it, and the lyrics compliment that atmosphere. There’s even what I believe is a DANZIG reference in the song. You’ll have to check it out yourself! “Boogie On Pony Boy” has a 70’s rock texture to it; groovy with lots of energy, yet laid back and playing it cool. The wah-driven guitar solo towards the end of the song stood out to me. It’s a perfect song to listen to while you commit some sins. “Hellfire Ritual” is nearly five minutes of stoner doomy, evil goodness. This track is certainly a stoner’s anthem, as you will easily recognize in the lyrics. It’s hard hitting, melodic, very memorable, and packs another kick ass solo. Though not a stoner myself, it’s a favorite of mine on this LP.

“Hexes” marks the halfway point of the album with hard rocking, fast tempo energy. Given the character of the song, it makes me envision an old 70’s styled horror film in my head.  The lyrics paint a picture of swamps, dirt roads, and a man falling on some sinister misfortunes. “Celestial Voodoo Lounge” plods along in a trippy fashion before kicking into a louder, harder rocking attitude. It has somewhat of a bluesy feel at times as well. It provides a unique listen on this album. “Absinthe Queen” is a swamp love song of sorts.  It’s dark in subject matter and has arguably the best guitar solo on the record. “Tire Iron (The Stone Giant)” is a slow, doom headbanger to start, later giving way to a killer southern rock feel where the vocals, bass, and drums stand out the most. The tempo shifts a lot throughout this song, creating musical peaks and valleys I really enjoy. It is my absolute favorite track on the LP. The album closer is “Black Widow Liquor Run.” It’s a chuggy, DEEP PURPLE-esque jam. I have to say this is a VERY close second place favorite on the album. The song has a stiff upper lip grit to it that makes it come off as a song for bad asses.

WASTED THEORY’s Death and Taxes is certainly worth checking out if you’re into old school, southern influenced rock that knows how to bring the doom. The Delaware locals travel to play gigs all over the place, so chances are, you might be able to witness some of this great music in a live setting near you! You can pick up the album HERE and get in touch with the group on Facebook.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Hellfire Ritual”, “Tire Iron (The Stone Giant)”, “Black Widow Liquor Run”

RATING: 8.5/10


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