Kobra And The Lotus – High Priestess


KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. You can just forget about all those Bitch Bands you see on Warped Tour, or whatever suckass nonsense some of your friends are into. This is heavy fucking metal done right, and it will blow your hair back, it’s so goddamn pulsating!! As they did on their debut, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS deliver the goods on brand new album High Priestess (June 24 via Titan Music) in the vein of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, and DIO while once again reminding everyone that their songs are all their own.

It’s really hard not to get lost in the absolute riff madness of “War Horse” and “I Am, I Am”, the one-two punch that opens this disc. If you’ve ever wanted to take a bite out of someone zombie-style, then these two songs are your soundtrack. A full-on metal smackdown, this is only a taste of what’s to come. Kobra Paige lets fly with her distinctive vocals and some razor-sharp high notes. “Heartbeat” has its foot on the gas, not letting up for one second, and then “Hold On” comes in completely changing the dynamic of the album. This one will have you humming along and wanting to hear it over and over, I promise you. It’s very majestic and would be the perfect song for a medieval combat.

Title track “High Priestess” is balls-to-the-wall aggression that hits hard, reminding you who the fuck this band is. “Soldier” is next and also happens to be Mini-Amps’ favorite. I know this because I tested him and left the room when he wasn’t looking. When I came back he was going completely nuts!! Coincidentally, this is one of my favorites, too! “Battle of Wrath” also happens to be an amazing song, not just because of its subject matter of addiction, but also because the band is really firing on all cylinders, delivering a kickass metal tune.

The band tones it down just a bit for “Visionary” and even though they do, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have serious punch or great riffs, because it does. Also, there is one hell of a fluid solo performed here, so that’s pretty cool. Getting into the tail end of this record “Willow” is another one I’ve had on REPEAT. It’s very majestic in its presentation, and is written about the way of the Samurai. Finally we come to my favorite track, “Lost In the Shadows”, six minutes of epic greatness. It is a song we all can relate to as we ask ourselves if we’re truly headed down the right path.  The guitars are flawless, and the group comes together in a way that can only be described as perfect.

Am I a big-time KOBRA AND THE LOTUS fan? You bet your ass I am!! Is High Priestess worth picking up? FUCK, YIS!! And to dispel any doubts about this band’s chops, let’s put it this way, pal…if you don’t think they have the goods, you may as well go and listen to polka music.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Willow”, “Lost In the Shadows”, “High Priestess”, “Soldier”, “Battle of Wrath”, “Hold On”

RATING: 9.4/10

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