Ronny Munroe – Electric Wake


Last fall I interviewed Ronny Munroe from METAL CHURCH and during our conversation he mentioned that he had another solo record in the works. At the time all he would give up was the title, Electric Wake, but nothing else. Well I finally got my paws on it and can now share it with all of you. Out now via Rat Pak Records, the album is eleven songs of the metal we’ve come to expect from Ronny, both on his own and in METAL CHURCH. “I wanted to create something that was totally new, but at the same time allowed all my influences to shine through” is how the man himself describes the record, and that is definitely a fair assessment. As soon as you hit PLAY you just get it. Fast, loud, riffing metal is the order of the day from start to finish and this pleases me.

Right away I was all over “Pray” (ABSOLUTE favorite track!) and “Ritual Damage”. These songs are written extremely well and the music seems to leap off the page and smack you in the mouth. The same can be said for opener “Burning Time” and “Ghosts” featuring George Lynch. If you want guitars done right, and I mean with all the nuances that make a kickass rock/metal tune, then look no further than Mr. Lynch. The guy’s got a feel and a tone that no one else does, and it truly makes this one of the album’s best cuts. I also really got into title track “Electric Wake”, a galloping number that had my head going the entire time.

“Turn to Stone” is meaty as all get-out and gives us some nice dual lead work, and “My Shadow” has an almost JUDAS PRIEST-like quality to it. I don’t know if Ronny has any plans to do a solo tour but the songs on this album are tailor-made for the rabid metal fans in clubs everywhere, I’m just sayin’. So Ronny, if you’re reading this PLEASE put a tour together, willya? I knew I’d love “Not You Not Me” from the very first listen just because of the groove. And that’s before I really paid attention, which only cemented it as an album standout. And if you are not magically transported back to a happier time in your life by the guitars in “Sleepless Mountain” then there is clearly something wrong with you. Every time I play this one I’m a teenager again!

The first song I heard was “The Others” which boasts labelmates Pamela Moore and Dave Rude of TESLA as its guest stars. You have my UNDIVIDED attention when you tell me that. The gang vocal chorus is infectious and the whole thing is one glorious ode to HEAVY FUCKING METAL!! Ms. Moore’s amazing vocals and Mr. Rude’s stellar guitar work really lift this one up to new heights.  Closer “United’ has a real chunky, chugging style and is arguably the most METAL CHURCH-sounding tune on this whole thing. I was a big-time Ronny Munroe fan before, and Electric Wake only confirms what many people have known for years. The guy is just awesome, and he knows how to write killer metal songs…’nuff said.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Pray”, “Ritual Damage”, “Not You Not Me”, “The Others”, “Ghosts”

RATING: 9/10

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