Meshuggah/Between The Buried And Me Live In NYC!! – 6/21/14

BTBAM 1 FO REALI don’t cover or even go to many shows in the New York City area from where I live for quite a few reasons. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Trenton, and Lancaster are much closer and more reasonable for me to see shows. With New York City, it was nice to go to a concert in a different, upscale area (or at least through the camera lenses, not with my own two eyes.) In the heart of Times Square is the Best Buy Theater where the advertising features LED screens with MESHUGGAH and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME performing live with a huge “SOLD OUT” stamped across the advertisement.

This show was my first time seeing MESHUGGAH and my fourth time seeing BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME play live. The only bummer this time around is that BTBAM said recently in an interview with Metal Injection that they won’t play anything pre-Colors anymore live. Yet they were still very fun to watch and listen to.

Their set started with “White Walls” which is the song that they’ve closed with just about every other time I saw them play in Philadelphia. It was one of two tracks played off of Colors, the other being “Ants Across the Sky” which was incredible to hear again. Believe it or not, there was a time where I did not even like this record, but that has drastically changed. The second song played was from Parallax II: Future Sequence, and was called “Telos,” which I was happy to see made the cut into the routine for BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. The next song played from that album was “Lay Your Ghosts to Rest,” which seemed like a good one to set a mood before being shot to the clouds with “Fossil Genera: A Feed From Cloud Mountain” which is one of my favorite post-Colors tunes. I still enjoy The Great Misdirect very much. In all, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME was still very fun to hear and I can happily say that they are in touch with their fan base as to what is good from their albums, both from Colors, and beyond.

MESHUGGAH 2As the vaudeville-esque music played in between sets, I was totally ready to see MESHUGGAH for the first time live after I met up with a couple of my friends in downtown New York. The lights faded and the crowd went nuts as they opened with “Future Breed Machine” off of Destroy, Erase, Improve which was completely uncomfortable and heavy in the best kind of way. If you had not seen MESHUGGAH live before, like me, you were straight up pumped when “obZen” came on next. One thing to make a bet on with this band is that they are going to have infinite grooves and remain permanently heavy throughout all the years that they have put out or will be putting out music. Also, ever since MESHUGGAH was spliced into a clip from The Wolf of Wall Street on YouTube, you will be reminded of Leonardo DiCaprio’s outraged scene anytime you watch Lens Kidman on stage.

They went old school for a while with “Cadaverous Mastication,” “Greed,” and “Gods of Rapture” in their set as well. Everyone in attendance was headbanging and just completely into the music. It was just amazing to see the conglomerate of four different states coming together to rock out to one of the heaviest bands that I’ve ever seen live.

Later in the set “Bleed” was played, which is one that clearly everyone wants to hear out of the newer catalog of music. In fact, that was the second and last song played live from the obZen album. MESHUGGAH closed their set with “Straws Pulled At Random” from Nothing.

MESHUGGAH 1The encore was completely amazing. It made me feel like I was stuck in a Predator movie and being hunted down. To be honest, the atmosphere was incredible as well as the lighting coordination with each song throughout their set, which was the same with BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, but in the complete opposite prism of comfort as opposed to MESHUGGAH. One thing I will not do is spoil the encore for anyone who is seeing MESHUGGAH in the future.

In upcoming news, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME will be releasing a new live album where Parallax II: Future Sequence will be played in its entirety by a string quartet, saxophone, percussionists, and a flute, (as well as the band of course.)

MESHUGGAH just wrapped up the 25th anniversary tour with BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, but no future plans follow as far as I can find. Stick around for that.



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