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The mighty ORIGIN returns with their sixth offering to date with the absolutely crushing Omnipresent which is available now via Agonia Records / Nuclear Blast USA. Most listeners would probably try to label these guys as a Technical Death Metal band which is true to an extent, but there is a lot more to them than just blast beats, tremolo picked riffs and arpeggios. I was pleasantly surprised by this record even after spinning it just once; this band truly defies many genres with their signature brand of brutality.

The album kicks off with the properly titled “All Things Dead” which immediately tosses you into the whirlwind of madness that is ORIGIN; they want to remind you that they are not here to fuck around and include the sickening bass-heavy riffs that are prominent in their music. The short and sweet “Thrall Fulcrum Apex” immediately follows with a straightforward attack of chaos that showcases newcomer Jason Keyser’s vocal ability unrelentingly. “Permanence” serves as a quick one minute interlude that halts the pace drastically and opens with some slow ominous leads and flows into “Manifest Desolate” which is a bit longer than previous tracks; this song is seemingly split into two parts with a quick rest in the middle then opening back up with an odd timed syncopated bass and guitar riff, nailed it!!

The next section begins with a quick solo intro by drummer John Longstreth to the tech heavy “The Absurdity of What I Am”; this one is definitely for the long-time listeners of ORIGIN with the song’s chaotic drum nature and ever changing speed. “Source of Icon O” keeps the pace high with a wall of Death Metal searing throughout this two minute opus. The dream sequence-like “Continuum” serves as another serene interlude having a sort of DETHKLOK feel with its inspiring guitar leads which connects to the following “Unattainable Zero” that serves up another healthy dosage of the signature style which listeners have grown accustomed to while still keeping things interesting by slowing the tempo of the song around the three minute mark; I love it when bands slow the riffs down but continue with the double bass drum patterns and even play double-timed double bass, so nasty!

“Redistribution of Filth” surprised me when it opened with an almost Punk/Hardcore feel; it’s always great to see a group such as this show that they are not limiting themselves as musicians and more importantly songwriters. The perfectly placed “Obsolescence” is another quick spacey interlude used before this group pounds you into dust with their next two closing tracks. “Malthusian Collapse” is a total rager filled with high screams and more groove oriented riffs and rhythms, showcasing as I said before, the more diverse side of this band. “The Indiscriminate” picks up where the previous track leaves off with a slower introduction but quickly brings back the head bang and then slows the pace again only to come back with some PSYOPUS-worthy riffing; the disc closes with a sludgy yet blast beat filled finish to perfectly say, ”Fuck you, we are ORIGIN.”

I have not one bad thing to say about this album. Long-time fans and new listeners will surely enjoy this slab of awesomeness. I do recommend listening to it start to finish, the way albums were meant to be listened to, to get the true feel of what’s going on here. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local record dealer as soon as possible and also catch these guys on the Summer Slaughter Tour which just recently kicked off!!


 RATING: 9.5/10


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