I Ignite – Rise And Define


My good friend Brian Matus (YIS, from Brian Matus Photography!) brought this band to my attention about a month ago. He asked if it would be cool to put me in touch with the guys from I IGNITE, a band from my old stomping grounds of long Island, NY. ‘Da fuck was I gonna say, no?? Bring that shit, man! So he did, and I spent a bit of time chatting with the lads. And now I can finally share with you this EP Rise and Define that is set for worldwide release on July 22. Let me tell you all something…this band is goin’ places. When you first take a listen some of you might be shocked to find that I dig this band. Is it a little bit smoother vocally and a tad more musically polished than what I normally indulge in? Oh, it is without a doubt. But see, here’s the thing. They have an “IT” factor, that special something that makes you sit up and take notice, whether you’re 15 or 41.

We open up with “Come to Life” which starts out with a bit of programming over the drums and then kicks into high gear. Eddie Raccioppi can fucking SING, man. And behind him the band does their thing, executed with precision. Joe Meyer (Bass, vocals) and James Miller (Drums) play like a rhythm section that’s been together for many years and the dual guitars of Stefen Milana and Corey Grucci hop back and forth, and what’s even cooler is the fact that while one is letting a chord ring out or chugging away, the other is finding all sorts of ways to fill the spaces and add to the ambience. “Burn Your Memory” was an immediate standout, straddling the line between raw aggression and a more streamlined sound.

Speed is the order of the day on “Fall of Yesterday”, and the unabashed rock/pop of “Still Right Here” SCREAMS radio hit, and was another favorite of mine. It reminded me of the kind of stuff we used to cover in the clubs back in the day. Anytime a song can take me back to a special moment or moments in time I say job well done, gentlemen. And the whole team swings like it’s the Home Run Derby for closer “Lost in the Sound” which is exactly how a band should end things. So yeah, I really like I IGNITE. I hope they get noticed by the right people and more music lovers get to enjoy them as I have been. Trust me, check out Rise and Define and you’ll see what I’m on about.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Burn Your Memory”, “Still Right Here”, “Lost in the Sound”


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