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After a brief hiatus due to the passing of vocalist Mitch Lucker, SUICIDE SILENCE return with their fourth full-length You Can’t Stop Me;the title was derived from a set of lyrics left behind by Mitch which is somewhat haunting if you think about it, nonetheless it’s pretty metal! The band’s decision in choosing ex-ALL SHALL PERISH front man Eddie Hermida couldn’t have been better, He brings a lot to the table and really brings this record to life with his powerful vocals.

The album opens with the short introduction “M.A.L” and appropriately titled “Inherit the Crown”. It’s clearly evident that this song is honoring their fallen brother while also introducing Eddie to the family; this first tune includes many elements of their previous works but also adds more groove to their sound. “Cease to Exist” was the first one released and I’ll admit, I don’t like to wear out singles before hearing an entire new album, so it wasn’t until I started my review that I really got into this one and kept finding myself coming back to this crushing song especially while driving. “Sacred Words” oddly reminds me of MEGADETH’s “Trust” with a similar rhythm and chord patterns opening the track; this is a very diverse tune for SUICIDE SILENCE and I totally dig it!

The absolute heaviest piece of work is found in “Control” which features George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher of CANNIBAL CORPSE; there are some striking similarities to The Cleansing on this one and the following “Warrior” which will surely please older fans of this group. There is some serious bass shredding going on in “Warrior” as well as a hint of Eddie’s guttural side. If you have had any doubts about the direction of the band they will surely be banished. The title track “You Can’t Stop Me” has Mitch written all over it; it’s easy to see that this one will be a banger live with all of the gang vocal chants and lyrics proclaiming, “If you’re reckless and free, speak up, sing this with me, WE’RE ALL FUCKING FREE!” Very moving stuff.

Greg Puciato (THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN) makes a guest appearance on the groovy “Monster Within”. Along with Corpsegrinder, it’s awesome to hear these vocalists on a style of music that’s not exactly close to their own bands’. “We Have All Had Enough” starts off with acoustic guitars and a spacey feel into the main riff; Eddie’s high and low ranges are showcased flawlessly here as well as on the re-recorded version of “Ending Is the Beginning” from the self-titled debut EP. This new version is insanely heavy and sounds better than ever. Another favorite of mine has to be “Don’t Die” which was also released as a single; some of the vocal parts mixed with certain rhythms remind me of ALL SHALL PERISH.

The chilling “Ouroboros” closes this disc out perfectly with its theme coming from the namesake of the track in that the Ouroboros symbolizes something that constantly re-creates itself and also exudes a force or qualities that can’t be stopped, it all make sense. If you have not given SUICIDE SILENCE the time of day before, then now is the time to. You Can’t Stop Me is their strongest offering since The Cleansing and I feel like these guys have come full circle and rejuvenated themselves with the help of Eddie Hermida. This dude absolutely slays and if you are familiar with him through ALL SHALL PERISH, I would strongly suggest checking this album out which drops today via NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cease to Exist”, “Control”, “You Can’t Stop Me”, “Monster Within”, “Ending Is the Beginning”, “Don’t Die”

RATING: 9/10


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