Awakening The Riot With Dust Bolt’s Lenny B.

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Just in case you’re not familiar with them DUST BOLT is a thrash band hailing from Germany. They are on album number two, Awake the Riot, and it is very much a record that will take you back to a better time and place in metal music. A&GS sat down with guitarist/vocalist Lenny B. recently to talk about life in DUST BOLT and some other stuff. See it here:

Amps: How excited are you to get this record out? The buzz has been great so far.

Lenny: We are really, really excited. We’ve been working on the record for the last year and the thing we concentrated on was the album. We didn’t play a show for four months, which we’ve never had that kind of break before. And we just focused on the record. So now we’re looking forward to playing the new songs and getting this record out, and traveling around again, so we can’t wait!

Amps: Who does the writing in the group? Is it a collaborative effort, or is it mostly you?

DUST BOLT GROUPLenny: The guitar players do most of it. We write riffs at home and record them on our computers. Then we spend time talking to each other about our ideas and we go into the rehearsal room and experiment with the songs and try out some different riffs and combinations. The riffs come from the guitar players and then we finish the song in the rehearsal room with everyone doing everything together, so we’re all comfortable with it. I write the lyrics. It’s something I have to do because I’m singing them so I want to make sure they sound good. One of the guys may come in and say, “I have material for a topic, can you write lyrics for it?” So then I go and write the lyrics.

Amps: I imagine you’ll hit Europe first tour-wise. Any shot at a U.S. run?

Lenny: We’ll do Germany, Austria, and Switzerland first, and stay in Central Europe. We’re trying to come to the U.S. but it’s very hard. It’s a big thing to go to the United States and we hope to do that next year in 2015. To play the U.S. would be like a dream come true.

Amps: I understand. Plus, there have been a lot of issues with bands getting visas this year, and I know it’s also an expensive undertaking. I just think U.S. audiences would love you guys.

Lenny: (Laughs) well, let’s hope so.

Amps: What’s behind DUST BOLT’S sound? This new one sounds like it could have come out in 1987, but still sounds fresh today.

Lenny: I don’t know, it’s hard to describe it when you’re in the band. We were just kids and now we’re all around 21 years old. We listened to METALLICA in school, SLAYER and all that stuff. There really wasn’t a point where we said that we wanted to make thrash metal, it just happened, you know? We tried to develop ourselves as musicians and the music became faster and heavier over time. We just play music and what comes to us. We don’t think too much about it. And we enjoy doing it.

DUST BOLT COVERAmps: So what else did all of you grow up n musically? Who was your favorite band?

Lenny: We were young kids who explored thrash metal. We went to concerts and festivals together. Favorite band? Wow, that’s a hard one to answer. SLAYER and SEPULTURA are two of my favorites, but I’m also a big, big fan of KREATOR. I love the combination of German thrash and the whole Bay Area scene; those are my favorites and the inspiration for DUST BOLT.

Amps: What’s next for the band?

Lenny: Right now we’re so busy with releasing the record so we really try to just think in short terms and how to promote it. And of course, play as many shows as possible on the German scene for now.

Amps: What do you want to say to the DUST BOLT fans all over the world?

Lenny: Thank you for the support, especially for this new record. We really hope to be able to play the United States as soon as possible so we can meet some thrash metal maniacs over there! Hopefully we’ll see you as soon as possible!


For a group of self-described young kids DUST BOLT sure play like veterans and I think it’s only a matter of time before they make their presence known and the rest of the metal community catches on.¬† Seriously, anyone who is a lover of thrash will definitely love these guys! So check out the Napalm Records-released sophomore album¬†Awake the Riot as soon as you can, metalheads!!

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