Fozzy – Do You Wanna Start A War


I usually love the genre of rock n’ roll. Usually. I almost always love professional wrestling. Almost. Those two words should mean that I would love Chris Jericho as a front man of a rock group. Should. Another word that doesn’t quite guarantee anything. See, Jericho is great on the microphone when he is cutting a promo in the wrestling ring, but that is truly where he belongs. His rockstar persona in the WWE should have really never left WrestleMania. I understand that FOZZY has been doing this since 1999, but that does not show in their new record, Do You Wanna Start a War.

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The lyrics were cheesy, nothing much more to say there. In my opinion, Chris Jericho is not even the best singer on the album, which is bad when you say that about anyone who holds the position of “lead singer.” The music had its moments, but was mostly boring after looking at the album as a whole. As a matter of fact, here is what we’ll do: anytime I write a word that has some sort of positive reinforcement, just replace that by knowing that I meant the exact opposite. That way, I can give the exact same effort in this article that FOZZY did with Do You Wanna Start a War.

Now with all that said, two songs in particular were really…good. Those songs were “Tonight” and “Unstoppable,” the latter reminding me of a rock n’ roll version of a Kelly Clarkson song, almost exactly. Trust me when I say, it was really, really…great. I would truly have to say though, all kidding aside, that I did enjoy the few moments where Rich Ward added backup vocals to the music. There really isn’t a punchline to that. I was mostly surprised to see that FOZZY was signed to Century Media Records. I have liked a plethora of other bands from that label before, but FOZZY will not be one that gets my nod of approval.

After listening to the album in its entirety, there were a total of four songs that I was able to deal with. I’m not ready to admit that they were anything to write home about (clearly,) but since I feel the need to give this album a little bit of credit for existing, if anything at all, then I will also say that a cover song from this album is better than more than half of the original music. “S.O.S” was that song, and one that I liked. “Brides of Fire” was another one that I was able to work with for what Do You Wanna Start a War is worth. But in all honesty, spare yourself the time and watch the WWE‘s lame product with Chris Jericho doing what he does best rather than listening to FOZZY‘s new record.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Tonight”, “Brides of Fire”, “Unstoppable”, “S.O.S”

RATING: 4/10


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