Swashbuckle – We Hate The Sea EP


As soon as I saw the title of SWASHBUCKLE‘s EP called We Hate the Sea, I knew this was going to be against the grain of what most pirate metal bands write about: conquering the high seas or making references to the culture of getting drunk and living the life of a pirate. In this case, most of We Hate the Sea was little shots against the generic theme of pirate metal. This is evident just from reading the titles of each track. With song names such as “We Hate The Sea (And Everything In It)” as well as “Poopdeck Toilet Wreck,” SWASHBUCKLE show a more of a tongue in cheek style of writing when it came to the pirate metal genre. Where a song called “Beer Goggles” is to be expected somewhere along the line, it is not the mainstay idea like ALESTORM‘s latest album, Sunset on the Golden Age.

The music is very fast-paced, sort of like a death metal and thrash metal hybrid. The sound is a little different than your typical pirate metal as well, which makes SWASHBUCKLE stand out in that scene. While the music doesn’t have that typical uplifting, joyful feeling that you would expect a pirate metal band to produce (especially songs where the idea is basically getting drunk,) it demands circle pits and complete anarchy during their quick songs. I say quick because the entire EP runs about a total of six minutes between four songs. The longest song on the EP is “Beer Goggles” at just about two and a quarter minutes. The length of the songs will remind listeners of hardcore music, constantly in your face with circle headbanging, and distorted riffs that will make the mosh pit a dangerous place for anyone to be.

“Poopdeck Toilet Wreck,” was my favorite, where the riffs have a certain kind of groove that makes you want to mosh and get into a circle pit every time you hear it. And having seen these guys play live at a very small venue before, I would say that I can definitely see myself enjoying a SWASHBUCKLE set again if they were to play this EP. Of course, they would have to play more than the EP because then that would mean that their set would be less than ten minutes long! We Hate the Sea comes out August 5 via Get This Right Records.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Beer Goggles”, “I Hate the Sea (And Everything in It)”, “Poopdeck Toilet Wreck”

RATING: 3.8/5


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