Krieg Vocalist N: The Amps And Green Screens Interview

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, black metal band KRIEG has a new album coming out called Transient. I’ll be the first to admit I knew almost nothing about these guys before ERIC THE BULL joined the staff here at A&GS. So I felt it was only right for him to take the lead on this rather insightful e-mail interview with vocalist N. They talked KRIEG business and a whole host of other things. Have a look:

Amps: What were the band’s biggest influences when writing and recording Transient?

N: I think it was a lot of different things this time around. I kept to the usual themes of personal negativity which I’ve been working with since The Black House but instead of a lot of self-loathing there is a greater emphasis on the outside world and what makes it, to me, disgusting and uncomfortable. Musically I allowed myself more self indulgence into the other genres I spend a lot of time immersed in, like post punk and crust. Violent and desolate portraits. Also a greater exploration into noise and electronics even though it’s in a more subtle manner than The Isolationist.

Amps: Which song do you feel makes the biggest statement on Transient and why?

N: Probably “Order of the Solitary Road” which opens up the record. The first riff was originally done to pair with VOMIT ORCHESTRA’S song “Dying” which I have and probably will continue to listen to on repeat for hours. I thought it was the most malevolent way to begin the record, a statement of intent. The song itself has various styles within it that are all explored in greater detail later in the record and just feels, to me, to be very representative of what Transient is about, sonically.

Amps: KRIEG has always seemed to be big on releasing splits. Just this year, you released splits with WOLVHAMMER, RAMLORD, and MOLOCH. What other splits can we look forward to in the future?

N: The only ones I can really discuss would be the 12 inch split with OMINOUS BLACK which will be released through Anthropic Records and a split with VROLOK which we’re writing for currently.

KRIEG IMGAmps: What can KRIEG fans expect with the upcoming 10th anniversary edition of The Black House and the shows commemorating it?

N: A casino nostalgia act. Lots of talk about how the early 2000’s were great. Maybe osteoporosis. We have a special edition cassette and vinyl being released through Sol Y Nieve and Foreign Sounds respectively. The tape will be housed in a cloth screen printed bag with extra liners and the original vinyl track listing. The vinyl will come with a small booklet detailing the recording and the ideas behind it and will be pressed on two colors. Both will be out in the fall. For the two live shows, one which happened in Providence and the other coming up in Brooklyn, we are using the traditional aesthetics of paint, chains, gloves, and masks. We might utilize this approach in some future shows but it has to be something special, something that has meaning, otherwise it’s the same as bands who do 100 shows a year doing it. We ceased originally because I felt the entire thing had lost its meaning for most of the bands using it. I still believe that but just because others are using it in that manner doesn’t take away the intent and meaning when we use it.

Amps: Since TWILIGHT put out its last album earlier this year, can we expect to see any future collaborations by some of the members involved with that project?

N: Myself and Wrest will eventually record collaboration together but right now a lot of that is depending on timing but hopefully sometime in 2015. I would love to work with the rest of the final lineup on something but I don’t think it will be anything close to black metal. At least I hope not.

Amps: Have you started mapping out a tour yet?

N: We’re trying to but it’s difficult because we all have jobs and everyone else is in multiple bands so trying to coordinate it can be a headache. But I’d like to head back west before the year is over and hit as many spots on the east coast as time allows.

Amps: What are you listening to, both individually, and when you’re all together?

Krieg_DSC02180N: I can’t account for the others, but when we’re traveling together we mostly listen to Longmont Potion Castle for the entire drive or some kind of classic rock station mostly because it’s irritating and allows for a lot of shit talking. Personally my listening habits are all over the place but recently I’ve spent a lot of time listening to AUS-ROTTEN/BEHIND ENEMY LINES, MIND ERASER, CHELSEA WOLFE, DROPDEAD, and a lot of KILLING JOKE.

Amps: Describe KRIEG for the uninitiated.

N: Overrated “black metal” run by an overly opinionated loudmouth. At least that’s what comes up when you google it. I don’t know, I’ve been doing this for so long that I’ve lost touch with how to describe what I’m doing plus I’d rather people form their own opinions rather than listening to me try to sell it to them.

Amps: What does the future hold for KRIEG?

N: Next year is year twenty so I’m planning on re-recording a few older songs with some new material and maybe a cover or two as a special anniversary release. We have a few splits and cassettes lined up for the rest of the year into 2015.

Amps: What would you like to say to all your fans out there?

N: Sorry.


There you have it. N from KRIEG…a man who doesn’t mince words, or waste time being overly verbose. What you see is very much what you get with him, and that’s that. Look for Transient to release on September 2 via Candlelight Records.   ~ETB

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