Rocco’s Remote: True Blood Ends With A Whimper, Not A Fang


Bill Compton is dead. That’s what they should have titled the last and final episode of True Blood ever. Because throughout the entire episode, with everything else that went on, that’s the only thing anyone is going to remember. Now that I got that off my chest, the final season of one of HBO’s most popular shows, was actually shaping up to be a great one. They finally killed off Tara (Not to downplay the superb acting of Rutina Wesley, but I hated her character). The first half of this season was showing me that they meant to end on a dark note. And I thought that was a smart move. Nowadays, the more popular a show is, the darker the subject matter. So, it made complete sense to me that they would tread into darker swamps (bayou reference- No?) The Hep-V virus had succeeded in wiping out a large portion of the vampire population, and humans (at least in Louisiana )were living in fear of the infected vamps that were attacking them and decimating whole towns because of their psychotic need to feed. So, while all this was happening, there was also a diminutive blonde “cure” running around and practicing her downward, or forward dog pose (or whatever the hell it is yoga people do!) without a care in the world. The buildup to finding the cure helped a dying Eric (played to perfection as always by Alexander Skarsgård) get a new lease on life.

Then all of a sudden things changed. The Hep-V situation went to the background and Vampire Bill and his on again/off again/on again/off again/on again relationship with everyone’s favorite skimpy-clothed Faerie, Smokin’ Sookie Stackhouse, took center stage for the remainder of the season. Now, I don’t blame the show runners or writers entirely. The whole show was based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I gave them a little leeway. But, they made it so damn sappy and drawn out. Look, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but to finish off seven seasons of a high-rated cable show by killing one of the two main characters in a Romeo & Juliet-style murder-suicide, and then fast forward a couple of years and Juliet is not only married to someone else (who they wisely didn’t show completely), but she was naturally knocked up to boot. Add to that was Jason Stackhouse married with three kids, Eric and Pam are filthy rich, and everyone’s just happy go lucky; I don’t buy it. Too easy and way too nice for a vampire show like True Blood.

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