Rocco’s Remote: ABC’s Forever Gets an Early Shot At Primetime (Exclusive Sneak Peek!)


Last night I was wonderfully reminded of why I spend the $7.99 a month for things like Hulu. Normally, I use it when I forget to DVR something or other and want to quickly watch something. But there I am, home on a Tuesday night and there doesn’t seem to be anything on TV. So I pop on Hulu and the first thing that comes up is,” watch the Forever Pilot Now!” or something like that. I remember reading the synopsis of it in the upcoming Fall TV shows list and thinking that it had possibilities.

The show centers around Dr. Henry Morgan, a 200-year old man who works, ironically, as a medical examiner in New York City’s morgue. Henry (played by Ioan Gruffudd from the Fantastic Four debacles), has virtually died hundreds of times, but can’t seem to stay dead.

The idea isn’t revolutionary. FOX tried something similar back in 2008 with New Amsterdam, about a 400-year old immortal man who worked as a (shocker!) New York City detective. I remember watching that when it aired thinking that it was a great idea as well. Game of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau played John Amsterdam and the show was cancelled after airing only eight episodes.

Forever’s Henry Morgan doesn’t seem to know why he can’t die and has been trying to figure it out forever (sorry, pun unavoidable). His “person” is Abe, played affably by Judd Hirsch. An antiques dealer that Henry has known quite a while, Abe serves as a confidant, a sounding board, and the only other person who knows his secret.

The show appears to be set up as a police drama that will have Henry help NYPD detective Jo Martinez ( Law & Order’s ADA Connie Rubirosa) solve cases weekly while keeping the good doctor’s quest for knowledge as the continuing central storyline. After watching the pilot, I really hope it works this time. I would hate to see another immortal die a typical TV death.

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