Rocco’s Remote: Z Nation Jumps On The Zombie Bandwagon


Man I love the fall. The weather is better, kids go back to school, and Television gives me the Fall Season. This year I kicked it off with a couple of sneak previews of some new shows. FX was kind enough to air Sons of Anarchy’s final season premiere a little earlier than the others and now the Syfy network gives us Z Nation.

That’s right folks, it’s about the Zombie Apocalypse! Now before you start saying, “Not another zombie show!” stop. This show isn’t the dark, depressing, dreary Walking Dead-style zombie show. Don’t get me wrong, it is about zombies and the world has been decimated. But I felt like the show didn’t take itself as über-serious as Walking tends to do. Also, the central storyline appears to have something that its competition is sorely lacking, hope. Whether or not that works out for them is something that we shall have to wait and see.

The cast is a good mix of veterans and some newer faces and it works well without distracting the viewer from the story. The premiere has a cameo (apparently) from Harold Perrineau as a Delta Force soldier with a pretty important mission and Tom Everett Scott plays Garnett, a former National Guardsman who tries to aid Perrineau’s Hammond in delivering his package from Upstate New York to California. There is one scene that, to me, summed up today’s society and how, no matter what the world becomes, there will always be buyers and sellers.I’m inclined to press the season pass button on Z Nation, if for no other reason than to watch my zombies with a grain of salt.

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