Bloodtruth – Obedience


Need something wretched to sink your teeth into? Then look no further than Italy’s latest export, BLOODTRUTH. The group, originally founded as a side project by members of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, will be releasing their debut, Obedience, on September 16 through Unique Leader Records. Choosing to tackle a concept for this disc, the group has comprised an intense and chilling collection of death metal slams to unleash upon unsuspecting listeners. Be prepared, this disc will put the fear of that imaginary god fellow in your soul.

The sound overall is true, bare-bones death; fast, chuggy and churning riffs meet blasting drums and growls that sit well with the best of them. But the band doesn’t draw the line there; they have also taken to adding Gregorian-style chanting to add a creepy, inquisition-esque feel. I’m not sure if this layer of gospel singing is something that would only appear on this disc to benefit the concept, or if this would be a standard for all releases, but, either way, it sounds beautiful and evil at the same time. After a track of chanting, the brutality begins with “Surrounded By Blind Bigots” and doesn’t end until the last note of the record. “Coerced to Serve” sways between English and Latin, and provides a very tasteful guitar lead, my favorite solo on the disc. “Throes of Death”, “Summoning the Heretics”, “March Of the Fools” and title track, “Obedience” hit me the hardest, finding me unable to not grind my teeth to the gritty, visceral auditory assault.

Outside of the grimacing, dirty beat down contained within, I appreciate anytime a group points at the evils of organized religion in an intelligent manner. All too many death metal acts play the “let’s piss off Christians” card, so you can imagine how refreshing I found it that this group did not fall into stereotype by simply mocking the archetype. I urge more groups to follow suit. I can’t wait to review the Middle Eastern death act that gives the area’s prevailing belief a what for, or the Alabama-based death-grind band that takes on the Evangelicals and Baptists.

Atheism aside, this disc was, for lack of the generic phrasing, sick. It was, by far, the nastiest thing I have laid my ears upon in the past month. To preach that this record is nasty is an understatement so dire that one could call it blasphemous. . . See what I did there? That was my last religious pun, I swear to Go… well, you get the point. The honest to Go… Dammit! Okay, I’m done. The cold, hard fact is that BLOODTRUTH came out full force on their initial release and are looking to cleanse the brainwashed with Obedience. Be a blessed little lamb and pick up this record on September 16, it should definitely become part of your collection.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Surrounded By Blind Bigots”, “Throes of Death”, “Coerced To Serve”, “Summoning the Heretics”, “March of the Fools”, “Obedience”

RATING: 8.5/10


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