Rocco’s Remote: Mysteries Of Laura Solved…Don’t Watch This.


This fall season I am really trying to keep an open mind in that I’m watching shows that I might not normally check out. One of those is NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura. Now, I want to make it absolutely clear that I have nothing against Debra Messing, who plays Laura Diamond, the shows lead. And, I do not hate cop shows.  Having gotten that out of the way, I will say that this Dramedy is about as formula-ridden as they could have gotten it. It is trying to appeal to every single person who still watches formulaic cop shows.  Also, Laura is the perfect detective who sees things that nobody else could possibly see. She is also a woman that can eat nothing but junk food all the time, pop out twin boys, and still outrun most perps and looks great in a bikini. She is a newly single mom, recently separated from her fellow cop husband (played affably by Josh Lucas).

The show means well, but it falls short on originality.  Also, with a ton of Cop shows already firmly ensconced on NBC, I don’t understand why they would try to squeeze another one in there. Even though it’s technically a Dramedy, the show doesn’t seem to have that balance that is needed to pull it off. It’s serious when it shouldn’t be. I actually think that the best part of the show is the twins (played by Charles and Vincent Reina). They made me laugh, although they were almost a parody of “bad kids”.

I am introducing a new rating system here at Rocco’s Remote. Since the inception of the DVR and TiVo, I have judged TV shows by whether or not I would allocate space on my DVR for a show with a cherished season pass, or I might record episode to episode until I made up my mind, usually going no further than three. So, from here on out, good shows will get a season PASS and the ones that shouldn’t have been made at all will get a season FAIL. There might be a few that I will have to continue to record episode by episode, and come in with a decision by the third one.

But, in case you haven’t figured out how I feel about NBC’S The Mysteries of Laura: 

Season FAIL!

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