Charm City Devils – Battles


I was lucky enough to see the CHARM CITY DEVILS live a couple of months ago and was just blown away by them. So when The Maestro told me had their new album Battles for me (out now, The End Records), I was ecstatic!  Just like when they’re live, the album starts off with a bang with “Tear It Apart” This is the perfect first impression song so make sure not to skip this one! It starts off with a ramp up from just the drums and guitar. The brutally raw, high-tempo beat sure got me bobbing my head and tapping my foot right away. Their CHILD’S PLAY heritage is quite obvious in this one, but it also has an AC/DC aura about it as well.

The rockin’ vibe continues into “Crucify” with a little harmonica thrown in, giving it a slightly southern feel. Quite different, but a nice touch. We scream our way to “Shots” the leadoff single. This hellishly catchy tune WILL be stuck in your head for days. Just accept it. And the guitar solo? Oh yes! To quote the song itself “All I know is, I want more!” They add more distortion to the vocals on “Everyday” giving it a much grungier, forbidden feeling. How’d you get me feeling remorseful??!?!!?! “Everyday, I think about it, Everyday, it don’t seem right…” “Want” has a funkier vibe to it setting it a little ways apart. A few understated harmonies also make some appearances for this one.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is really intriguing. Right off the bat, it wasn’t one of my favorites. It took a little while for me to catch all of the interesting chord progressions, but once I did the song grew on me quite a bit. It also boasts some absolutely killer guitar riffs. Next up we have “Lying to Yourself” and one of my personal favorites. This song is a little less balls-to-the-wall than its track-mates, but the badassedness of it lays in how it builds. It also has a few rather intriguing tempo changes.

We go hardcore again with “Rich N Famous” before slowing it down for “Destiny” which has a very grandiose feeling to it. Starts of pretty slow but has a gradual build through the entire song that is a little intoxicating. “Karma” is a little trickster. It starts off slower, then dances between a very melodic sound and the hardcore chorus of “Karma’s a bitch! and I ain’t scared!” The band takes it down a couple of notches for the farewell ballad of “Let it go”. A very nice calming simplicity to this song that just plays. Excellent harmonies I might add! All in all, great album! Go get it!

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Tear It Apart”, “Shots”, “Lying To Yourself”, “Everyday”

RATING: 9.7/10


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