Rocco’s Remote: Fall TV Premiere Week 2014 – Day Five

Premiere Week Day 5

Most people go out on Friday nights. I say, “Why?” Just a chance to relax, and unwind from the week with a good one-two police punch is just what my doctor ordered. Check out two favorites here at the Remote!

Hawaii Five-O

hawaii-five-0-s5One of the best things about Friday nights for me has always (At least for the last four plus years) been CBS’S Hawaii Five-O. Now, I wasn’t really old enough to watch the later years of the original show, but I have seen clips of Jack Lord being all serious and shit saying,”Book ’em Danno, murder one” What I love about today’s show is that it has taken the overall premise of the original, the character names, etc., and totally made it their own. It has a formula that just works. The actors who portray Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams (Played by Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan respectively) have a genuine on-screen chemistry that seems as natural as two guys who’ve known each other for years.

Season five opens with this vacationer’s paradise virtually empty and apparently abandoned. And then, we go to seven hours in the past and find out what the hell is going on. New team member Lou Grover (Chi McBride) seems to be fitting in pretty well, although, without offending Chi, I do miss Michelle Borth as Steve McGarrett’s ass-kicking Naval super hottie, Catherine Rollins. She is off in the Middle East looking for some bad guy. (She may as well be because Michelle is not coming back to the show) So that means that McGarrett is single and ready to, sorry, you get the idea. Enter Dr. Mandy Shaw (Amanda Setton), Max’s (Masi Oka) new assistant. But, judging by last night’s opener, I’m not sure if it’s Steve she has her eye on.

I mentioned earlier about the show’s formula working. They did it again last night. They have each episode with a case that is usually pretty interesting, sprinkle in lots of witty dialogue between Steve and Danno, add in plenty of great action scenes, and the extra humor of Kamekona (the very funny Taylor Wily) and good backup work by Chin Ho and Kono (Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park) and you have the recipe for success.

Long-term season PASS

Blue Bloods

BLUE BLOODSI have a confession to make. I only started watching Blue Bloods two months ago. Like a sign from the heavens, my wife just happened to record an episode of it that she thought I might like. (She loves me!) Well, guess what episode she recorded? The fucking PILOT!!! Now, if that’s not a sign, then slap my ass and call me Willy-boy. Needless to say, I loved the pilot, and then went on a mini-mission to find out where I could see more. Hulu comes to the rescue again! Every single episode from every single season. I got to “work” ASAP. Now, I love TV just as much as anybody, and probably more than most, but even I can only watch so much. I covered about a season and a half in a few days, but then got sidetracked and haven’t been back since.

So, that brings me to my current review. Blue Bloods, season five premiere. Apparently, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg in a phenomenal role) has a new partner. (New to me at least.)Guess what else happened in between episode 35 and 90? Jamie (Will Estes) developed a Brooklyn accent! I swear, I was waiting to see them visit grandpa’s grave! (Thank God Henry, played by Len Cariou, is still ok. Phew!)

I often mention TV shows following formulas. Sometimes this can be horrible, if the formula is trite, or doesn’t make sense to anyone. But, in the case here, it’s a great and wonderful thing. This may be a cop show, but it’s so much more. This is about family dynamics and how real people behave. So, having the episodes take on the formulaic approach to the police stuff, while keeping the relationships and interactions between family members real and fresh keeps it from becoming hackneyed in any way. Who amongst us with siblings hasn’t been teased about our “type” of girlfriend/boyfriend from our older brothers/sisters? That’s the kind of stuff that’s real (and, incidentally, on last night’s episode). You know what else isn’t bad to have on ANY TV show? Tom-freakin-Selleck. As Police commissioner Frank Reagan, he’s about as real as you get. The way he reacted to the situation on last night’s premiere episode, when one of his policemen made a split second decision that didn’t work out well, and, of course, was captured on video. To me, that’s more of a real-life situation than had it been another shootout between good guys and bad guys.

To say I’m going to season PASS this is understating how much I love it.

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