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stalkercbs1I’m getting the feeling that someone really wants Dylan McDermott to succeed in TV. It almost seems like every season or two a new drama starring Dylan pops up. Now don’t get me wrong here, I like the guy. He’s a solid actor, and the ladies tell me he’s easy on the eyes. The latest show to feature him is Stalker on CBS, a drama based on the very real problem that faces some people today.

Set in Los Angeles, the celebrity-stalking capital of the world, the show follows Lieutenant Beth Davis (The always beautiful Maggie Q) as she heads up the fictional version of the LAPD Threat Management Unit.

McDermott plays Detective Jack Larsen, a transfer from New York who obviously has some issues of his own. I am not going to sugarcoat anything. This show has a lot of violence, particularly against women. And Lt. Davis appears to have some sort of very personal connection to her job. I find it interesting that the writers chose to have this team led by two people who, at least to me, appear to own each end of the stalking spectrum. Larsen is shown to be doing some personal “investigating” on someone he knows, while Davis, in her home, matches Larsen’s description of a victim. I’ll put it this way: Picture Criminal Minds’ BAU being headed by two people: Dexter Morgan and Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster’s famous victim in The Accused).

The show had plenty of nail-biting action. I thought the pace was tremendous. The subject matter, as disturbing as it is, was extremely current. The actors involved here are first rate. But, to be very honest, with my DVR at almost full capacity and a few more shows still yet to air, if they make this one about another female cop that’s a victim, I’m outta here.

Three episode chance here folks, that’s all.

Criminal Minds

CRIM MINDS ACTION SHOTNow on the opposite end of the spectrum, we find CBS’ Criminal Minds, now entering its tenth season, and its first with newcomer Jennifer Love Hewitt, as Kate Callahan. In an effort for full disclosure, I fully admit to being a Criminal Minds syndicator. In other words, I like to watch it in massive blocks on iON, A&E, or wherever. So, I had to do some research to find out how we got to where we are now. Crazy shit too! I was wondering why Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) was rubbing his neck like that. Anyway, the episode was damn good. Ms. Hewitt appears to be a natural fit here. Her Kate Callahan jumps right in after a really quick interview with Agent Hotchner (Thomas Gibson). The team is hunting a real sicko (shock there!) and winds up stumbling onto a guy with a really strange fetish. Seriously, I had to look it up to see if it was real.

When I heard they were adding Jennifer Love Hewitt, I thought it was a great idea. The woman knows television, she is breathtakingly beautiful, and she’s a phenomenally underrated actress. I’ve been a fan since the Party of Five days. She really seemed to fit right in, like her and her character had been there the whole time. There’s a reason that this show is entering its tenth season. It has found a great formula, a great cast, and great writers to keep the stories fresh.

Season PASS (After I catch up!)

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