Vogg From Decapitated Talks Blood Mantra And More!

DECAPITATED - VOGG!Not too long ago I was able to sit down for an interview with guitarist and DECAPITATED founder “Vogg” Kieltyka. For those of you who don’t already know, they have released new album Blood Mantra which is a big-time favorite here at A&GS. We only had about ten minutes so I tried to make them count. Not only is Vogg a friendly and personable guy, but he is truly appreciative of all of DECAPITATED’S fans and was really cool to sit and chat with. I wish we had more time. Maybe next time.  But for now, here is our conversation. Enjoy:

Amps: Let’s talk about “Blindness”…hands down my favorite song. So different from the others, yet it fits perfectly on the record.

Vogg: Well, thank you very much! Mostly I hear about songs 3, 4, and 5 (“Veins”, “Blood Mantra”, and “Nest”) which is also kind of a new, more groovy style we’re playing. “Blindness” we never did something like that before. It is the first time we did it; it’s an experimental kind of song to us. Why, I don’t know. I had the main riff for the song and I thought that I would try to maybe make it more trance-like and that’s what happened. I think on every album we have one song that brings something new and I think this is that song for this album. I really like it, too. I’m very satisfied with it.

Amps: Did anyone else have a hand in writing this time, or was it pretty much you, as has been the case?

Vogg: This time I did even more than usual, starting from drums, bass, guitar, everything. We didn’t have a drummer when I started writing and realized I didn’t have a drummer to work with due to a couple of line-up changes. I said, “OK no problem. I have some drum programs lying around on my laptop.” So I wrote everything, but it was more of a challenge not having that drummer to share ideas with. But as a result, there were some fresh ideas for things we never did before.

Amps: The Bloodstock set from over the summer. I’ve watched easily a dozen times, and Michał (Łysejko, drummer) seems like he is right at home in the band.

Vogg: Oh, thank you very much! Right now I am really satisfied with how the whole band sounds. But Michal is such a great guy and a nice guy and he is also a great drummer. We spent lots of time playing together before tour when he joined the band. We spent hours and hours practicing as much as we could to make the songs as perfect as possible. And also, he pushes me in practice, like “Let’s go! Let’s do it!” Right now he looks like the perfect drummer in DECAPITATED.

Amps: This is Rasta’s (Piotrowski, vocals) second album. Anything different about him since the Carnival is Forever record? He also looked right at home in terms of comfort level, delivery, and his command of the stage at Bloodstock.

DECAPITATED BAND 2Vogg: He has changed a lot during the years and right now he is a way better frontman than when he first started over four years ago. To be honest when he joined I wasn’t that sure about what he brought to the stage but now it’s like he’s reborn. He needed a little more time, more shows to play and after the experience of these tours we played with MESHUGGAH and other bands, he is a killer frontman. He’s doing a great job!

Amps: You’re here in Dallas on October 23. Are you excited to tour the U.S.? It has been a long time since you were last here, right?

Vogg: We are VERY excited about this tour. We are very happy for the opportunity to come back to the U.S. finally. Last time we played with LAMB OF GOD and it was unbelievable! Those guys are the best.

Amps: After this run of supporting GWAR will you do some headliners in Europe, or what?

Vogg: We will headline some shows, yes. And then we will head out with BEHEMOTH on a UK tour. Then we have two or three shows at the end of the year.

Amps: (Thud…Maestro faints) wait…you’re going out with BEHEMOTH??? Why isn’t that happening here?!?

Vogg: (Laughing) good question! Maybe I talk with Nergal about that and we can set something up for the future.

Amps: I understand you have a little girl at home now. Is she showing any signs of being a musician yet?

decapitated blood manta cd coverVogg: Yeah, yeah, yeah! She likes the new album. Her favorite song is “Blood Mantra”, she loves the riff. She’s even trying to sing a little bit. We’ll see if she wants to be a musician (laughing)!

Amps: What do you want to say to all your DECAPITATED fans out there?

Vogg: I have to say I’m really excited about this. We have a new album and we get to come back to the States again with a new set that includes new songs and old classics. We are ready to come see everyone and we can’t wait, we are excited! Check out Blood Mantra, we hope you like it. And thank you very much for all your support.

Amps: Thanks so much for taking time to speak with me, Vogg. I’m so excited to see you guys live and Blood Mantra is outstanding; easily one of the best records of 2014! Everyone here at A&GS loves it!

Vogg: Wow, thank you so much! I am really, really happy to hear it and I really appreciate it. Thank you for the interview, and say hello to all the guys at your website for us. We hope to see you on tour!


I don’t think anyone is more excited about DECAPITATED on U.S. soil than me right now. I can’t wait to see them, and ERMAHGERD, if you don’t have Blood Mantra then WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? This is easily a Top 10 record of the year, people!!

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