Revocation – Deathless


Some bands just get better and better and better with the passage of time and with each album. A great example of this is Boston’s own REVOCATION. Their latest, Deathless is available now via Metal Blade Records and it is a step forward for the band on so many levels it’s not even funny. It is catchier in some places without distilling the heavy down and there are just so many riffs and licks to really sink your teeth into. This was obvious on the first listen, the intensity they put forth, and I was ready to bust some heads right from jump.

Opener “A Debt Owed to the Grave” is full of firepower and builds toward this sprawling crescendo featuring dual leads and all-out shredding. If you were wondering how to start a record and make people say, “HOLY SHEEEIT!” then this is how it’s done, plain and simple. All four members bring their A++ game here. By now we’ve all formed an opinion on title track “Deathless”. I loved it from the very first time I heard it. That hook will live rent-free in your head for days, maybe even months after you get the album. Nothing you can do about it, sorry. “Madness Opus” is another outstanding track as is “Scorched Earth Policy” the latter veering into Death Metal Jazz territory for a moment (you read that right, yis), both David Davidson and Dan Gargiulo coaxing sweet melodies from their guitars as drummer Phil Dubois-Coyne and bassist Brett Bamberger provide the axle and tires that keep this muscle car glued to the asphalt.

As far as favorites go it’s “The Fix” hands-down. Davidson unleashes vocal Hell on everyone and the pounding rhythm and riffs coupled with even more shredding make this the winner for me. Then again, the album’s full of winners, so…ahhh, you get what I mean! The instrumental “Apex” is a case study in just how skilled Davidson and Co. are at getting the most out of their instruments. Having seen them live a week ago I can say they are jaw-droppingly excellent, and if you’re not already a believer then this will be the one that converts you. The songwriting also is even better than on albums past. Just think about that for second, considering their body of work. Tracks like “United in Helotry” and “Labyrinth of Eyes” pile on the riffs while “The Blackest Reaches” once again shows the guitar prowess in the band without overdoing it.

I don’t even know how I’m going to explain closer “Witch Trials” but here goes: Heavy as fuck, technical as all get-out, brutal as the day is long, and up there with “The Fix” as far as best songs on the record. Six minutes of face-smashing metal with an eye-popping lead section around the three-minute mark, and another one around 4:20 that takes us to the end. Seriously, this song, much like this album, is one of those “ERMAHGERD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?” pieces of music that will absolutely floor you as soon as you pop it on. Another excellent job by REVOCATION and I cannot recommend Deathless highly enough!


RATING: 9.6/10

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