Death metal and thrash metal have always mixed together very well, with these both being very aggressive genres, they mix perfectly. That’s why DRONE is such an amazing band. I’ve been stuck on their self-titled album since it was released a little while ago via Metalville Records, and they just really deserve praise for their work. DRONE is a death/thrash metal mix and is very melodic with the vocals showing death metal influences, while the music itself is influenced by thrash metal. These guys are like KREATOR, but with heavier vocals, so if you like them, then these guys definitely deserve a try.

The intro track, “Guilt”, opens up very softly, with acoustic guitar, and by the time they switch to a heavier rhythm, you’ll already be blown away by their musicality. The harmony in the chorus of this song is clean, but goes along with the song very smoothly.The guitar leads have a brighter tone than most death metal bands have, making DRONE a very original kind of band. Even if you don’t like death metal (how could you not?!?) the band is still definitely worth a try; they’re completely different than any other death metal band, especially when it comes to their playing. Their guitars aren’t as dirty and distorted when compared to the standard, and neither are the vocals, so they’re really good for any kind of metal fan. It’s heavy yet it’s smooth and just mesmerizing, especially in the leads. These aren’t just average riffs you could write in two minutes, these are well thought out, and as I keep saying, the overall musicality is wonderful.

My favorite part of the band though, has to be the vocals. I’ve never heard death metal vocals like these before, they’re heavy like they should be, but break into clean harmonies during the choruses, and the vocals vary through all the songs, they sound amazing, and no less than that.  DRONE obviously works very hard, on all of their content, and deserves all the praise they get.

This self-titled album is the definition of aggressive music. All the songs are heavy, fast, and angry, like they should be, but again, they have more melody than most other death metal bands I’ve listened to, and they have a style that just appeals to fans of thrash metal. They’re fast and sing of many different things, from beer to being hung over to personal tragedies, and just and love writing the music they make. Overall DRONE is an excellent band, and is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re into aggressive music. So pick up a copy of their self-titled album, and you’ll be blown away!


RATING: 10/10


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