Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution


BEYOND CREATION is back with their long-awaited sophomore album Earthborn Evolution, out now via Season of Mist. They are a Progressive Technical Death Metal band from Montreal, Canada whose musicianship will knock you on your ass in two seconds flat. The fretless bass combined with tightly-wound guitars and drums that go from precise to off the reservation in a heartbeat already make these guys interesting. When you factor in the vocals of Simon Girard (who also fucking destroys on guitar, by the way!) what you have is the most unique thing to happen to Death Metal…ever. I’ve had this record for a few weeks now and every time I listen I find myself saying, “Where the hell did THAT come from?” as I catch something new I missed before.

Opener “Elusive Reverence” combines the virtuosity with the heavy, Girard utilizing several different vocal stylings, and Dominic Lapointe’s bass demanding you sit up and take notice, not just here but across all ten of these songs. This is especially true on one of the tracks I could NOT get enough of, “Earthborn Evolution”. I must have repeated this one ten times before I could move on. Once again, this is Lapointe’s song all the way. “The Great Revelation” showcases the guitar talents of Girard and Kevin Chartré while drummer Philippe Boucher is all over the place on what turns out to be one of the record’s shortest tracks. “Neurotical Transmissions” has blast beats a-plenty while maintaining a progressive feel, something I never thought I’d be saying about a band but hey, it works and I’ll take it!

The tempo of “Abstrait Dialog” gives it a very dirge-like feel at the start with the guitars making these incredible runs that Gods-knows-how many listens later still floor me. A decidedly pummeling groove permeates all of “The Axiom”, and this is a song that will surely get the juices flowing and heads spinning. Another quick number shows up in “L’Exorde” and in in only two minutes it manages to wreck shop but hard! And now we come to my other favorites on this monster of an album. “Theatrical Delirium” features off-times, deep, dark riffage, guttural growls from Girard and an overall menacing atmosphere and tone, the fretless bass snaking out like tentacles ready to seize prey and crush the life out of it. And then there is a complete and total jazz and prog breakdown that comes out of nowhere before it grabs you by the throat the rest of the way.

A lot of bands tend to run out of steam in the second half of their records. Not so with BEYOND CREATION. It’s like they saved the best for last with the previous track and then closer “Fundamental Process”. Oh man, there’s simply no way to do this tune justice. All I can say is that it’s 7:13 of absolute greatness that must be heard to be believed. It builds to a mighty crescendo and then crashes down on you one final time. And when it’s over your shaky little hand will be reaching for the REPEAT button as mine has been over and over. Earthborn Evolution is undoubtedly one of the top metal releases of 2014 regardless of genre, and if you don’t already own it you should probably re-evaluate your life decisions.


RATING: 10/10

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