Resistance – The Seeds Within


Belgium Extreme Metal newcomers RESISTANCE, after quite a long period between records are back with their latest effort The Seeds Within, which is out now via Pavement Entertainment. This band was a breath of fresh air because a lot of the artists on that roster are more Alternative/90’s-Rock-sounding. So to get something this heavy for the first time in a long time was downright refreshing. I had heard neither hide nor hair of these guys, but the album art was dark and creepy enough to have me pressing PLAY super-quick-fast, and am I glad I did! RESISTANCE is a force to be reckoned with, make no mistake about it.

This was evident as soon as the opener “Cross the River” smacked me upside the head with its blast beats and down-tuned riffs. This was destined to be a favorite no matter how the rest of the album turned out. “The Underworld” sounds like it was plucked right from Satan’s living room and dropped into your speakers, urging you to do his bidding, and “Darkness Arise” continues in much the same vein. Olivier Dris (Rhythm guitar) and Shaun Van Calster (Lead guitar) really manage to paint an evil, twisted picture on a bleak sonic canvas and that was one of the first things I loved about this band. Factor in Xérus Liévin’s menacing vocals and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for success with me. Benoit Sizaire (Bass) and Jonas Sanders (Drums) definitely show they have what it takes to anchor this big bastard of a rhythm section and the two of them can hold it down and take the ship in a thousand different directions.

“Diabolical Obsessions” was another instant favorite, the band sounding ready to rip flesh from bones with their teeth while pummeling you into submission. I enjoyed the tempo switches here and Sanders really struts his stuff, too. This is immediately followed by “Omen”, yet another “Holy fuck, these guys are insane!” song that I’ve been playing the shit out of recently. Once again, Dris and Van Calster manage to capture a sound and a tone that is just deliciously evil, and the ominous spoken word section fits the song perfectly. Title track “The Seeds Within” has a relentless hammering throughout and “Apocalypse” is pure fucking anger and hate coming straight for you, so get ready to scrap, bitch! This one’s going on a lot of “Maestro’s Angry Playlist” volumes in the coming weeks, I can assure you.

There’s a slight difference in the sound on “Purgatory”. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but there’s something there, something so subtle it gave me pause. It’s still a killer track, but I could just tell something was different, that’s all. “The Gift to Inherit” is another hearty round of blast beats and a tightly-wound tornado of chaos. The tune sounds like it could go anywhere and wreck everything, and the band keeps it firmly in hand to make sure it doesn’t spin out of control while maintaining the intensity of the track. Closer “Antithesis” features an interesting dual harmony guitars thing going on at the start before it descends into madness like the rest of the album. The harmonized lines pop up again, then it’s back to the bludgeoning for the home stretch.

Overall, I am highly impressed with RESISTANCE, and I will be snatching up their previous two records posthaste. Ten tracks of death metal anger and aggression at your service, folks. There is something here for everyone from fans of DECAPITATED and JOB FOR A COWBOY to CANNIBAL CORPSE and OBITUARY and anything in between. Pick up The Seeds Within today. You’ll be glad you did.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Cross the River”, “Omen”, “Diabolical Obsessions”, “Apocalypse”, “The Underworld”

RATING: 9/10

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