Job For A Cowboy – Sun Eater


Where do I even begin with the new JOB FOR A COWBOY album? Well for starters I have to thank my dear friend Ebony for badgering me into listening to them for the first time almost two years ago with Demonocracy. I can’t believe what I was missing out on. That said, as soon as I heard the first snippets of new album Sun Eater (out now via Metal Blade Records) I was absolutely floored. I enjoy my death metal all-angry-all-the-time as much as the next guy, but to see what JFAC was doing, and the obvious progression being made musically had me drooling. I know, I know, get TO it, already, Maestro!

For starters, this is NOT your typical death metal record. The addition of new drummer Danny Walker has shown that this band can tackle varying tempos and different song structures with relative ease. Vocalist Jonny Davy leaves it all out there on every single track, and the guitar work from Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro is very moody and more melodic than on previous releases. That’s not to say these tunes aren’t still in-your-face heavy because they sure as shit are. But the infusion of melody and some funky time changes shows unprecedented growth for the group. Bassist Nick Schendzielos can be heard loud and clear throughout the disc as well, something you guys know I’m a YUUUUGE fan of.

As far as the songs go, my immediate standouts were “The Stone Cross” and “The Synthetic Sea”. Once again, the bass is prevalent on these two which is one of the reasons I gravitated to them. Plus, there’s a ton of stuff going on and it’s the perfect music for my 5:30 a.m. drive to work. The drums on “A Global Shift” are big, beefy, and blast-beaty…me like!! The record opens in very atypical fashion, “Eating the Visions of God” coming in not like a freight train, but more of a slow, stalking giant looking to destroy a village. “Sun of Nihility” starts out one way then shifts gears before you know what hit you, and the guitar solos are without a doubt my favorites on the whole thing. The tone of “The Celestial Antidote” is thick as toxic sludge and “Buried Monuments” will have anyone and everyone making their, “HOLY SHIT!! This is awesome!!” faces from coast to coast and back again, believe me.

“Encircled By Mirrors” is another one that’s down and dirty and begs for repeat listens. Shit, all these songs do, but this is one I think a lot of people will flock to, just a hunch. Closer “Worming Nightfall” is a slow grinder that is a great way to send us off because it’s the end of a record that showcases everyone in the band’s musical chops without getting TOO tech-y. My good friend Andrew, vocalist from DESIGN OF DESTINY, when I asked what he thought of the record summed it up like this: “Doom-y, epic, buttery-bass death metal!” Bottom line is JOB FOR A COWBOY have released an album that they should be more than proud of with Sun Eater. The songs are outstanding, and they will fit nicely in future setlists. They cannot get on tour fast enough for me!


RATING: 9.5/10

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