The A&GS Butcher Babies Experience: Part II – Talking With Carla Harvey

CARLA BUTCHER BABIES YUMFor Part II of our BUTCHER BABIES Experience I sat down with Carla Harvey to not only discuss the whirlwind of events that’s been happening for the band, but also the recent release of their Uncovered EP and her book Death and Other Dances which came out late last summer. Ever the multi-tasker, she was actually speaking to me from the stylist’s chair as she was getting her hair done, and we had a very nice time. So check it:

Amps: OK…so I talked to Heidi earlier. Have to ask you the same first question: a LOT has happened since that first day we spoke in June of 2013. Looking back on it all…Mayhem Fest, the album being a monster hit, the run with Black Label Society in spring, now headlining…have you wrapped your head around all of it yet?

Carla: No, I always say that I don’t think that we actually have. Because we’ve been going non-stop and even though we’ve accomplished a lot in the last year we’re always in work mode. And I think that you have to be or you can become complacent. So we haven’t really taken a step back. Maybe we should.

Amps: Looking back, you guys had to overcome a lot of naysayers, and now here we are…feels good, doesn’t it?

Carla: The Mayhem Festival definitely put our careers in the right direction. It really put our name on the map and we had a blast on it as well. We made SO many new fans last summer. And yeah, it feels really good!

Amps: I can honestly say I haven’t seen as hardworking a band as you guys are in metal right now.

BUTCHER BABIES UNCOVERED CD COVERCarla: Thank you. We take pride in that. We have a very good work ethic. And each member of the band has that fire and is hugely ambitious, which is what it takes to make happen what we’ve done.

Amps: Which songs were you the most excited to do for Uncovered? Think you’ll do another one?

Carla: I think so. They all were really, really fun. We actually narrowed it down to five songs from 12. I guess for me it’s the one I picked, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”. I picked that song because my stepfather used to play it a lot in the car and tap his fingers on the steering wheel while he was singing along, and I thought he was completely insane (laughs). And it fits the BUTCHER BABIES sound really well. “Pussywhipped” is so fast, and it’s tough to get it all out there, but it’s so much fun. “Crazy Horses” ended up being a blast, too. I love the heavy verses I get to do, and Heidi’s choruses on that. We were so excited when we got the e-mail telling us Donny Osmond really liked it. Obviously, Heidi went nuts!

Amps: You released your book, Death and Other Dances back in August. What made you want to tell this story?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00059]Carla: I’ve always been interested in writing a book and I wanted to have the right story. And going to mortuary school and working in Hospice Care with dying people really changed my life for the better. And I wanted to share my experience with that with other people who struggled with some of the same things I did: Growing up as a teenager and trying to identify who I was. And I’m not proud of everything that I’ve done in the past but I think people will enjoy this journey that I take them on from working in Hospice, a mortuary, and also being a dancer for many years.

Amps: What goes through your mind when writing a full-blown book, not just a short story?

Carla: At first I was just getting ideas for my chapters and I made up flash cards and moved different things around. I didn’t find it that hard; it just took a lot of time. And time is something the BUTCHER BABIES don’t have a lot of right now (laughs)! We’ve been on the road constantly, but I found stolen moments at night in my bunk on the tour bus to put it together.

Amps: What’s going on comic-wise? You have a ton of projects!! What’s next, you’re directing Avatar III??

Carla: (Laughs) that’d be something, right? My husband is so supportive and encourages my creativity. He bought me a beautiful drafting table last year, so I’m still doing all my drawing and I should have my second comic book series coming out by the end of the year. It’s looking so good. I changed artists, and I love the new stuff! It’s called Soul Sucka and it’s about a black vampiress named Delphine and she is a really, really cool character.

Butcher Babies - CarlaAmps: Singer, songwriter, published author…aside from all that, how’s life for Carla Harvey?

Amps: It’s pretty great, actually. The summer kind of sucked because I had major eye surgery. So I came home from tour and had to be rushed into surgery with a retinal detachment. So I got to spend most of my summer face down in bed. I couldn’t move around a lot. I only recently started to get my vision back, which is handy for the tour. But aside from that little setback everything else has gone great. Even being stuck at home for that time gave me time to think and work on some other writing projects, and meditate a little bit.

Amps: How do you plan to ensure the BUTCHER BABIES achieve World Domination? Heidi immediately went to sharks with laser-beam heads. How about you?

Carla: (Laughing) gosh! Those will work in a pinch, I guess! I just think that keeping our heads on straight, keeping our team spirit, and everybody pushing forward will keep us on the right path. We’re in this to have a great time with all our friends and to get what’s within our hearts and souls out there.

Amps: Say something to all your fans worldwide.

Carla: Thanks for sticking with us throughout the years. That’s the reason we’re still here, because of our fans. And that’s why we do the free meet-and-greets after every show and just really reach out to you guys and share our lives with you. So thanks for being there.


Carla and Heidi really are two of the nicest people I’ve met in music and it is always a pleasure to speak with them. Offstage, that is…Onstage these two firebrands will rip off your head and hand it back to you. I cannot stress enough what a great and kickass time a BUTCHER BABIES show is. So if they’re headed your way anytime soon, do NOT miss them live! Uncovered is available now via Century Media Records and Death and Other Dances is available through Amazon and other retailers.

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