Alterflesh, Adakain, And More Rock The Curtain Club!!

p119487347-2There are few things that I really don’t like. The cold being one of them, that’s why I moved to Texas! But rainy 40 degree weather was no match for our drive to get to The Curtain Club last Saturday. Luckily it was pretty easy to find parking on that brisk night and we managed to get in about 20 minutes before our good friends in ALTERFLESH were set to kick off the evening.  As a slight twist, OL’ JUG OF WHISKEY, who were set to be the closers of the evening, had jumped up on stage for a little preshow musical snack.

After a slight regroup in the far corner so Ryan (aka Wonder Twin #1) from Ardent Owl Media could get his camera built, we made our way up to the left front of the stage as the curtains closed so ALTERFLESH could set up.

At last they slid apart to reveal what I have learned is the usual decor. And yes, I think it should definitely be referred to as “decor” with a couple of Persian rugs, a few lamps and small figurine/statues placed strategically around the stage. It’s quite a sight, especially if you’re not expecting it. I however was, as this was not my first time seeing them. But I must say, I think it was one of the best. Their mix that day just happened to be really spot on, and as always, lead singer, Dayvoh’s interaction with the crowd is fantastic.

p81110531-2They kicked off the evening with “Megahub,” giving guitarists Andrew Lewthwaite, and Benji Schelin a good chance to show off the wonderful tones they can get. That was followed up by “Embers,” and the all too catchy “So Much More”. Just accept it now, you will be singing along and humming it later. It’s inevitable.

What do they sound like, you may ask? Well it’s quite unique actually. I would say they have influences from CHEVELLE, and THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, but they manage to make it something all their own. It’s definitely a different sound, but I’ve grown quite fond of it. So make sure you check them out!

Next up we were treated to one of my favorites, “Watch Rome Burn”, “Innocent”, and the title track from their album, “Into the Sun”. Also a very good song, and so entertaining live! Dayvoh crouched down on the edge of the stage and rapped to what he makes you feel like is specifically YOU!

“The Charade”, and “Wicked World” led us up to their closing number “New Horizon”. I must say, good solid closer, a lot of energy and a good showcase of bassist Paul Kubajak and Drummer Kevin Mills’ mad rhythm skills. They then bid us adieu to allow LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR to take the stage. Wow! Both LITTLE SISTERS as well as what was formally L.A. WEDDING, but is now BIG STORY blew Ryan and me away. These are definitely bands to keep our eyes on.

p892754928-2The curtains closed once more as ADAKAIN began to set up. Holy shit! They came out guns blazing. They’re intense POP EVIL/early AVENGED SEVENFOLD sound and energy was intoxicating! My partner in crime and I had made our way up stairs by this time, but Ryan was quickly drawn back downstairs and closer to the action. Our good friends Juan and Xtina from SOLICE who had come out to support some good local music were also front and center at the foot of the stage.

Also, as a side note, the lighting that day was FANTASTIC! I’m not sure if it was house controlled or if the bands brought their own setup, but it was by far the best I’ve ever seen it there. As we rocked out to songs such as “Hello World” and “Honey” the spotlight shined and twirled throughout the crowd.

This was my first introduction to ADAKAIN and I could not help but dance and headbang and sing along when I was able to pick up the choruses.

After their set, OL’ JUG OF WHISKEY hopped back on the stage for the last half of their acoustic set. Different style all together, as they’re more of a country, folk type band. But still quite good and Ryan and I were intrigued till the very end.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with all the bands of the evening. It was great to see ALTERFLESH again, and I’m really excited about my new bands to keep up with! So absolutely worth braving the cold! Great big thanks to The Maestro for setting us up.




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