Lynch Mob – Sun Red Sun


LYNCH MOB is back!! I repeat LYNCH MOB IS BACK!! George Lynch (guitars…DUH!), Oni Logan (vocals), Scot Coogan (drums), and Robbie Crane (bass), the same line-up that recorded the Sound Mountain Sessions EP, are ready to unleash Sun Red Sun on the metal masses December 9 via Rat Pak Records and all I can say is WOW! This is very much in the vein of the Wicked Sensation era but it all has a very modern feel to it as well. It seems like Lynch never stops, doesn’t it? Let’s recap: first, the amazing KXM record earlier this year, now we’re getting the eagerly-anticipated LYNCH MOB album, plus we still have SWEET & LYNCH’S Only to Rise coming in January. Hey, no one’s complaining least of all me. And once you hear this disc you sure as hell won’t be either.

No time is wasted as “Believers of the Day” starts the rock off right. Logan’s voice sounds great and the guitars soar nicely. “Erotika” has more of a dirty, sexy vibe to it, much like the title would suggest, and the guitar pattern is frenetic, combining with Crane and Coogan to fill the song out properly. Ride cymbal-heavy “Burnin’ Sky” brings in the funk without sacrificing the rock essence before we are treated to a Lynch solo number in “Black Waters”. This starts out with an acoustic, atmospheric feel then gives way to full-on electric, blues-tinged soloing, and as that rings out, “Play the Game” comes in, putting somewhat of a bossa nova touch on a mid-tempo rocker, and making it one of my three favorites, especially the solo.

From here we go to the second in the triumvirate, “Subliminal Dream”, and Logan’s singing on the verses is inspired, prompting you to turn it up louder and louder each time his melody goes up. Lynch also has this effect on his guitar that a dunderhead like me wouldn’t know how to classify; all I know is I love it. Next up is the best song on this record, and one of THE best LYNCH MOB songs I’ve ever heard in “Sun Red Sun”, a tribute to the late great BADLANDS singer Ray Gillen. It’s an acoustic track that stopped me in my tracks from the very first time I heard it two nights ago driving home and continues to do so with each passing listen. It is also a strong contender for The Maestro’s Song of the Year 2014. Simply beautiful, moving, and with a bridge section that reminded me of FLEETWOOD MAC’S “Silver Springs” (another favorite) this one is still affecting me deeply.

“Slow Drag” gets us back to rockin’ and be prepared for the “Ah-ahhhs” and Lynch’s snake-like riffs to wrap themselves around you anaconda-style. There’s a subdued elegance to “World of Chance” complete with some breathy harmonies behind the verses and on the hook. “City of Freedom” much like the album opener sounds the most like vintage LYNCH MOB, with yet another fiery solo. Finally “Sucka” shows that this band of veterans has plenty of riff, bite, and attitude.  Certainly more than enough to handle the young whippersnappers in today’s rock world, no question. With Sun Red Sun the guys in LYNCH MOB have fully embraced the sound of the past while also forging ahead. And this is an album that years from now will stand proudly beside anything in their catalog, past, present, or future.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Sun Red Sun”, “Subliminal Dream”, “Slow Drag”, “Play the Game”, “Believers of the Day”, “City of Freedom”

RATING: 9.4/10

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