Gemini Syndrome And 3 Years Hollow Tear It Up At Trees Dallas!! – 11/21/14

Gemini 3GEMINI SYNDROME and 3 YEARS HOLLOW at Trees Dallas? Where do I sign?? That was all I could say when the show was first announced and now that it was finally upon me I was giddy as all get out. This is always the case during all things GEMINI SYNDROME because of the emotional connection I have to their music and debut album LUX. This would be my third time seeing them in just over a year, and my third interview with vocalist Aaron Nordstrom (look for that this week!). It would also be the first of what I hope are many more 3 YEARS HOLLOW gigs as I think they are one of the best of the newer rock bands out today. And this night would also mark the first time I got to work with Jordan from Darkhouse Image in quite a while. Our schedules have not lined up at all in recent months so it was good to hang with him again and catch up on everything we’ve got going on.

20141121_214635The place was pretty packed for 3YH coming on, and judging by the response to songs like “The Devil’s Slave” and “Fallen” these people either have their album The Cracks or they’re big-time listeners to SiriusXM Octane where the band happens to be tearing it up right now. Or both. I’d like to think that some were moved to purchase the record after the band’s killer performance, personally. I know one thing: the band was on fire, particularly during “Devil’s” one of my favorites on the disc. “Remember” had that thick and rich guitar tone, just like the studio version and both “The Cracks” and “Chemical Ride” had even more of a bite than their recorded counterparts on this night. “Chemical” was probably the highlight of their set; it just jammed, man.

Gemini 1New single “For Life” closed out a rather impressive show from a band who I’ve seen just get bigger and better since I first got into them nearly a year ago. The guys were also very gracious, posing for a picture, and they signed their CD for Mini-Amps and sent me home with two picks for him.

After some outside time to catch my breath and mingle, GEMINI SYNDROME was up next. The band wasted no time getting down to business after the intro of “Lux”, launching into “Resurrection”, Mike Salerno (guitar) and Aaron trading off their vicious growls on the verses while Aaron sang on the hooks.

Gemini 2Poor Mike has been sick as a dog for much of this run but he was a trooper and didn’t let it stop him, no sir! The jackhammer of “Falling Apart” soon followed, hammering all us Synners into submission. At this point I couldn’t help but take stock of the room around me. Every time I see this band the number of GEMINI SYNDROME shirts in the crowd doubles if not triples. Not to mention the emphatic response during and after each and every song. Dallas certainly loves these guys, and rightfully so.

“Basement” is without a doubt one of the best songs in the band’s live arsenal and this time was no exception, bassist Alessandro ‘AP’ Paveri and drummer Brian Steele Medina in total lockstep and bashing skulls in. And once again I could feel myself getting amped for that moment, the penultimate moment when Aaron lets loose with “NOTHING EVER TAKES AWAY THE SHIT THAT I SEE EVERYDAY, WITH TOTAL INCONSISTENCY SO FUCK THE WHOLE CONSPIRACY, SOOOO LONG!! I’M FUCKING GOOOONE!!” It is powerful, it is moving, it is inspiring, it is everything that is supposed to happen between singer and audience and it will still hit me hard every time they do it. “Left of Me” is another tune that is like a rabid dog in a live setting. The boys attack it like their lives depend on it.

The ethereal beauty of “Mourning Star” was in full effect before the final assault on the crowd began first with “Stardust”, my favorite, and then Aaron asked, “Come on Dallas, you got one more left in you?” before Mike tore into the opening riff to “Pleasure and Pain” and the band brought the house down around our ears. GEMINI SYNDROME is one of THE best live bands you will ever see. They bring the ruckus each and every night, in sickness and in health. Their show never suffers, the intensity never wavers, and when all is said and done more and more Synners are converted by evening’s end. If you missed them live you sure missed out.

One comment to “Gemini Syndrome And 3 Years Hollow Tear It Up At Trees Dallas!! – 11/21/14”
One comment to “Gemini Syndrome And 3 Years Hollow Tear It Up At Trees Dallas!! – 11/21/14”

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