Cannabis Corpse/Mammoth Grinder/Inanimate Existence/Embalmed/Steel Bearing Hand: Club Dada – Dallas, TX 12/2/14

Tuesday night was a fun one. A day after rockin’ out with ACE FREHLEY we decided to completely switch gears and take in some Death Metal. CANNABIS CORPSE, MAMMOTH GRINDER, INANIMATE EXISTENCE, EMBALMED, and STEEL BEARING HAND were set to perform at Club Dada, so I brought The Wonder Twins along to see what we could see. Ryan has done the Death Metal thing with me before, but this was Hannah’s first show of this type, so I was curious as to whether or not she’d dig it. The place was slow to fill up, but eventually there were enough people there to get things started. And of course there were pits aplenty!


The first band up was STEEL BEARING HAND. I liked them, didn’t love them. They play really well, and their songs are good. But honestly, some of them felt a bit long and kind of meandering. The talent is there, I just think they need to trim the fat, so to speak. EMBALMED was next. Now them I was excited for, having just purchased their album Brutal Delivery of Vengeance a week prior. Live the songs were even more bludgeoning. I particularly enjoyed “Penetralia”, “Tortured”, and the title track. For all his growling on the songs, singer Ed Taylor is the most laid-back easy-going guy you could meet. I found this out not only from his onstage patter, but talking with him outside after their set. He repeatedly thanked the crowd for coming out on a Tuesday night, knowing many of those in attendance had to work the next day. The Pit-Bulls were out in force for this one, and the pits began in earnest. I love those guys because as soon as someone goes down they are the FIRST ones to help them up and see if they’re OK.


If the energy level was good and high during EMBALMED then INANIMATE EXISTENCE sucked it all out of the room. And that’s not to say that they too aren’t a talented band, but their music is more stand there and watch than rock out. Plus, their programming and backing tracks was waaaaay too loud. The thing I dug about them though was their merch. Great t-shirt designs, and something you don’t see often…shot glasses. I picked one up for $5, being the collector I am. More bands should get on this; it’s a guaranteed moneymaker! Still, the room pretty much emptied during their set because it just wasn’t any fun.

Never fear though, because the mighty MAMMOTH GRINDER brought everybody back inside and put the energy level back at 10. My friend Liz over at Earsplit PR scolded me for missing them when they were here with TOXIC HOLOCAUST back in January, so I made sure to catch them this time (I didn’t wanna get yelled at again!) and man alive, they rocked! They reminded me of TOXIC, too. Now, I can’t tell you what songs they played because this was my first time hearing them. Plus, it was a quick set. They got up there, knocked you on your ass, created a pit frenzy, and then got off, quick as you please. Well done, lads.


Now it was time for CANNABIS CORPSE. Picking up where MAMMOTH GRINDER left off these guys started and finished in high gear. Touring in support of latest LP From Wisdom to Baked the guys wasted no time keeping the momentum going. “A Skull Full of Bong Hits” and “Sentenced to Burn One” had the pits spinning like a goddamn tornado. During “Gateways to Inhalation” the Bud Monster came out looking to eat some stoners, and he was in there moshing it up with the best of them. The three-piece of LandPhil, Hallhammer, and Brent Legion tore through song after weed-themed song and the crowd was nuts. “Addicted to Hash in a Tin”, “Fucked With Northern Lights” were two more standouts. LandPhil remarked how great the Death Metal scene is here in Dallas, and he was extremely thankful for that. He also gave the Pit-Bulls a shout-out from the stage, which I thought was really cool.


“Individual Pot Patterns”, “Where the Kind Lives”, and “Blunted at Birth” from the EP of the same name were played in rapid succession, each one more furious than the last. Legion is a serious death riff machine and I could have listened to them play all night. The band even reached back to Tube of the Resinated for “Chronolith” which had the faithful screaming for more. All in all I had a fucking blast at this show! Big thanks to my buddy Enrique at Season of Mist for setting it up. I asked Hannah what she thought afterwards and she was grinning pretty wide afterwards. Did we awaken some dormant Death Metal monster deep within her? Time will tell. One thing’s for sure. If you want to introduce someone to this genre of metal, CANNABIS CORPSE is surely a great way to do it! They slay live, and they manage to be as funny as they are pummeling.


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