Kolony – Sledge


Once again our neighbor to the North has bestowed some more metal upon us. Hailing from Montreal, KOLONY and their self-released debut album Sledge have come to visit and take up residence in your earholes. With a sound that I can only describe as traditional-meets-thrash-meets-power metal there are some strong hooks on this record that make these guys stand out from the pack at times. And at others they are good, but not great. But hey, they’re young; this is their first go ‘round, so I’m willing to cut them some slack. I think my friend Jon over at Asher Media Relations is really getting a handle on what I like versus what I don’t because this makes three groups in a row now he’s sent me that I very much wanted to talk about.

After the intro of “I Realize” (bands…enough with the fucking intros already, please!) the disc begins in earnest with “The Trial” a hard rocking tune that still gives us no clear insight as to how we should classify these guys, but it’s a fun one nonetheless. “Trust and Live” spends more time floating in melodic metal waters but not at the expense of the crisp and clear riffs that make up a lot of it. The chorus is also one of the more memorable found here. Radio-ready “Echoes” is one that will hopefully find its way into rotation somewhere because it is leagues above a lot of the crap that pollutes the airwaves today. The mood of “Modern Hero” channels the prog elements of FATES WARNING and is another winner.

And then, sounding like something a battalion would use to galvanize themselves before battle, here comes “Anthem” a song whose title speaks for itself. Twists and turns abound during “Escape” and the ride is all the better for it. A classic, acoustic intro brings us into slowed-down number “I Don’t Care”. Here’s the first example of good-not-great. It just didn’t do anything for me the first time and has failed to resonate with me with each new listen. Thankfully “Road” brings us back up for a fast-paced groove musically, even if the hook falls just short of the goal line.

If it’s something more offbeat you’re searching for, then look no further than “Monopoly” with a synthesized brass section and some off-kilter drumming here and there, but at its core still a metal song. There are also some nifty dual leads on the solo. Closing the record is “Sledge That Shit” which might just be the best song in this band’s catalog. It manages to go hard, have a great, catchy chorus, and really grab your attention. All told KOLONY have put together an impressive debut with Sledge. Where they go from here remains to be seen, but I will be watching from the shadows with keen interest. To see what else they’re up to be sure to check out the band’s website.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Shred That Shit”, “Anthem”, “Monopoly”, “Modern Hero”, “Echoes”

RATING: 8.5/10

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