Rocco’s Remote: Justified’s Final Season – Another FX Heavyweight Begins Its Final Bow


Sitting down to watch Raylan Givens finally decide to get Boyd Crowder, it dawned on me; FX has some great television shows. I mean, I’m still wearing black, mourning the loss of Sons of Anarchy, and now I have to get ready to lose another one of my favorites. But, that’s not why both of my readers read the remote! Just kidding, I’m sure there are millions of readers. Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right, Justified.

Timothy Olyphant was born to play a lawman. Not a cop. Not a Fed. Even though, the story takes place in modern times, Raylan is very much a throwback to the days of the Old West.  Of course, we can’t have an old school Lawman without a nemesis like Boyd Crowder, played by the always brilliant Walton Goggins. These two guys have driven this show for six seasons now and although they were sometimes at odds and sometimes allied, their story is forever entwined. So, it is extremely fitting to me that the show ends its run with their story finally playing out.  Boyd’s somewhat estranged fiancé, Ava Crowder (the extremely underrated Joelle Carter), is smack dab in the middle of things as she is only out of prison so she can spy on Boyd for Raylan.   Also, one thing I have always loved with this show is its ability to follow its own path, story-wise. It was never a typically formatted cop show with a case-a-week style. FX seems to love these types of shows, and for the most part I have thoroughly enjoyed them (one notable exception will be my review of American Horror Story’s latest season).

If Elmore Leonard was still alive, I believe that he would have enjoyed the way his character is being finished up on the small screen. I, for one have been impressed. And if this first episode of Justified is any indication, then this final season will be nothing short of awesome.


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