Evil Invaders – Pulses Of Pleasure


Fast is the best way to describe thrash band EVIL INVADERS’ new album, Pulses of Pleasure. The whole thing runs through as if it was one long song and it’s awesome. In other words, Pulses of Pleasure is an awesome thrash metal release and is most definitely worthy of praise. The band has been around since 2007, and this is their first actual full-length album, so they’re fairly new. EVIL INVADERS is a lot better than your typical thrash metal band, having more complexity than usual. These guys have a sound a lot like that of OVERKILL and HATCHET; if you like either of these bands then you need to check out EVIL INVADERS’ music.

As I mentioned before, the best way to describe these guys is fast. The song “Fast, Loud ‘n’ Rude” shows this. It’s all about what they stand for as a band, being well… fast loud ‘n’ rude! This is a great intro track, because they waste no time to start up and get into the music, opening with a fast guitar rhythm and never slowing down from the start. This one defines the sound of the group, being a bit unique with obvious influences, and leaves you waiting for more.

The best track on the album though is probably “Eclipse of the Mind”. It’s freaking amazing to say the least. The tune is fast and very well written. It opens with a very catchy riff, and it’s just as fast as their other songs. What stands out about this number that makes it so much better than the others is the way they slow down in the middle of the song. It has a very eerie sound to it, and makes it all that much more enjoyable. The way it speeds back up is awesome too, getting fast again until the very end where they slow to a stop and the song fades out. It’s without a doubt the best this disc has to offer; all the songs are great, but this one has to be the best.

Another excellent part of the album is “Blinded (Intro)” into “Master of Illusion” mix. “Blinded” is an instrumental track, focusing more on the guitar solos. It doesn’t have the speed like the other songs on the album do, but the guitar is so appealing to the ears, it has a beautiful sound and the way it leads into “Master of Illusion” is great! And that is a fantastic way to end this amazing album, with the doubling rhythms and guitar harmonies, it’s the perfect outro. It’s fast, it’s aggressive, it’s everything thrash metal is about. All the songs are great on this album, even if some are better than others.

My favorite part about the band is the vocals, they’re at a very high pitch and they’re so goddamn aggressive. The vocals definitely go along smoothly on the album, they fit so well with the music itself, it’s the best thing about the record, although everything else here is amazing too. The music itself is so great all around.

Pulses of Pleasure is going to be released March 10 on Napalm Records. So do something good for yourself and go pick up a copy as soon as it comes out, it’ll definitely be worth it!


RATING: 10/10


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