We Are Harlot


A funny thing happened to me a few months ago. I was sitting minding my own business when along comes an e-mail from Roadrunner Records detailing the new side project (at the time) from Danny Worsnop, called WE ARE HARLOT and featuring the video for first single “Dancing On Nails” Well, a short time later it was announced that Mr. Worsnop was in fact leaving ASKING ALEXANDRIA (a band I have hated with a passion for years) and that this new band would be his primary focus. To this I can only say, “THANK THE GODS!!” because quite frankly Danny was always way too talented for that metalcore nonsense and WE ARE HARLOT throws down a ferocious mix of dirty, sexy rock n’ roll that will probably melt stereos worldwide when the self-titled debut releases on March 31.

To say I was floored, not only by “Dancing On Nails” but by the whole album is putting it mildly. It’s like this band took a good look at what was missing from rock music today and decided that they would remedy that. Across eleven tracks they deliver one punch after another and when they slow things down a bit the results are nothing short of spectacular. From the four-on-the-floor tempo of “Dirty Little Thing” to the bluesy ballad “I Tried” they leave no stone unturned. The honkytonk piano on “Dirty” adds another layer to an already terrific song, and “Someday” is equal parts majesty and pained beauty. Worsnop especially shines on this number as well as on “Easier to Leave”, which is just a rollickin’ good time from start to finish. As I said the whole disc is great, but these two are without a doubt the record’s best cuts.

“Denial” has some ringing chords and strong hooks to go with its speedy tempo as does “One More Night” When WE ARE HARLOT goes, they go hard! I’m not sure which of these two had me reaching for the tequila faster! “Never Turn Back” has a bit of a vintage vibe to it along with some rich harmonies and killer grooves from Jeff George (guitar), Bruno Agra (drums), and Brian Weaver (bass). And if you’re looking to get a wee bit funky, then may I suggest “The One?” I’ll take this over that sorry-assed MAROON 5’s shitty attempts any day of the week. The unusual guitar tones will also have many ears perking up during “Love for the Night” and the piano is also prominent once again.

“Flying Too Close to the Sun” rolls us in the mud at top speed one last time before “I Tried” closes things out in just the right fashion. A delicate blend of then and now, with a solo to die for, I can see this one being a monster hit. Actually, I can see ALL of these songs wiping the floor with just about anything on the radio today. WE ARE HARLOT, with this debut, have delivered one of THE best records of 2015 and are now firmly in contention for The Maestro’s Album of the Year. Danny Worsnop and Co. have a lot to be proud of with this one. If you’re not grabbing this on March 31 then you’re simply beyond help.


RATING: 10/10

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