Tattoos, Touring, and Wrestling With Andy Williams From Every Time I Die

ETID ANDY 2Once again, a high-energy act rolled through Fort Worth and once again Faye Fetters was there to snag an exclusive one-on-one interview. The subject this time? Andy Williams, guitarist for EVERY TIME I DIE, a band who clearly needs no introduction to most of you maniacs. The conversation ranged from pro wrestling to fans getting band tattoos and more. So sit back and take a ride with Andy and Faye:

Amps: Ok, so to start out, I’ve heard rumors that aside from being in EVERY TIME I DIE, you do wrestling. Is that true?

Andy: My plan is to do wrestling. When I was 19 years old and in school I blew my knee out, and now I’m 37 (chuckles). So I’m trying to do it now. But yeah, there’s something in the works right now. I have some stuff to do and I’m actually going to do a match this summer.

Amps: So then who would your favorite wrestler be?

Andy: Oh I’m old… Rick Flair is like my favorite, Dusty Rhodes, dudes like that. I like Daniel Bryan, I like him a lot. I like Colt Cabana a lot. I like a lot of indie dudes. Right now, for some reason I’m becoming a super big Randy Orton fan. He was a dick forever and now he’s kind of cool (laughs).

Amps: That’s awesome. And then, I know from going to your shows, this is the fourth time I’ve seen you guys, that your shows are a little bit more on the rowdy and violent side. Did that happen on purpose? Or did you guys embrace it as a younger band, like “Oh! People are really active during our set, that’s cool!?”

ETID BAND 1Andy: That was kind of like the whole initial thing we wanted anyways. We wanted to be just short of a riot. So like there’s nothing more rewarding than if there’s smoke in the air when you’re done.

Amps: So then what is the most rowdy thing that’s happened at a show? Or like the most injured someone has been?

Andy: Um… I know a while ago, like in San Francisco, like some girl got hurt; she fell over the barricade. And I guess we should have stopped, but we just kept playing. When the show was over we realized that she was really hurt and we were like, “Oh fuck.” We felt really bad about it. But the show must go on, so, we just kept playing.

Amps: And then how has tour been for your guys? Because you just came back from Europe.

Andy: Yeah, yeah, we just did Europe. It’s been good. We played two shows on the same day in Nashville. And then we played Memphis yesterday, which was rad! But they have smoking inside, which was real weird. Something I don’t back, and then this one here at Tomcat’s. So we’ve really only had four shows, two in one day. So, it’s not really tour yet. It’s like a week, and then you’re set. Like someone is going to be sick in the van, you’ve probably hurt yourself somehow.

Amps: So you’re at that point where you’re like “Ehhhhh”?

Andy: Yeah, your neck is just brutalized from headbanging. And we haven’t gotten there yet, so, like a couple more days. Then we’ll be “on tour.”

Amps: (laughs) Ok, and then I know that you’re really into fitness and stuff like that. So would you have any like workout tips for kids, or youth rather?

Andy: It’s all based on body. I think that everybody’s body is completely different. So like, some dudes can just eat really well and their bodies will get developed, and then other dudes have to do like a shit ton of working out. Like me? I have to work out every day. I think it’s more of a mental thing though, and I guess for the band in general, I think that arguments and stuff like that kind of get fizzled out. Because we all know our outlets, what we need to do. Keith (Buckley, vocals) needs to write, Jordan (Buckley, guitar) needs to draw, and I need to work out. You know what I mean? Steve (Micciche, bass) loves sports. So we all kind of go do our thing if we’re getting on each other’s nerves. Arguments don’t really happen. I think that working out is more for peace of mind than it is for my body, I guess, at this point.

ETID ANDY 1Amps: I know that you recently got a new drummer (Daniel Davison). Was there a transition period? Did he have to learn the dynamics of the band or was he already familiar with that before he joined?

Andy: Kind of. We’ve done tours with his old band NORMA JEAN. We’ve done like three tours with them… or four tours…. And then when he was in UNDEROATH, we did a tour with them as well. So we’ve known him for a while. So transition wise for him being a dude? Like, there’s no transition because he’s our friend. You know? Playing wise? He plays completely different from Legs (Ryan Leger, former drummer). So there’s time where he’s basically learning as we’re playing. We had two practices before we left for Europe, and he only knew twelve songs, and then he just learned eight more. So like every single night we try to play one of those newer songs. But sometimes he’ll forget like a fill or something like that, and you’re like “Ahhhh!” But everybody nails it, so it’s fine (laughs).  But yeah, so it’s weird but it’ll be fine. I think towards the middle of the tour everything will be fine.

Amps: Your fans are a lot more into having band tattoos. Or band based tattoos. So what’s the coolest one you’ve seen so far?

Andy: Wow. Um, I know there’s a dude that has an OJ Simpson one.

Amps: What???

ETID ALBUM COVERAndy: Yeah! It’s fucking awesome. He tied in EVERY TIME I DIE and OJ Simpson. (Thinks for a moment) oh, fuck, what is it? I know it’s on our Facebook, the band page. But there’s an OJ one that’s fucking killer. And it says something. And then our old… this has nothing to do with us, he just got it on an ETID tour… our old sound guy got, uh, Jesus. And then half of his face was like The Terminator, and it says “I’ll be back” (laughs)! But it was a really good tattoo.

Amps: (Also laughing) that’s quite wonderful.

Andy: Yeah! But he got it on tour with us. But yeah, there’s always kids who’ll come up and they’ll get some of Jordan’s artwork and shit, and Jordan’s artwork is so intricate. So it’s like… how anyone could just sit and want to tattoo that for hours? Like she would sit there for hours and do it (gestures to Molly, a tattoo artist who works at Elm Street Tattoo).

Amps: ETID is really looked up to by kids my age and young bands, especially in the hardcore/punk scene. Do you have any advice for them? In regards to bettering themselves or getting ready to play shows, go on tour or to record or anything?”

Andy: I always stress this… perseverance. That’s the biggest thing to tell people. Because for everybody it’s easier to give up than it is to keep going. You know what I mean? People only like falling down a few times before they go “Ehhhh. Fuck it, I’m done.” In this band? We’ve been a band for eighteen years. We’ve fallen down and picked ourselves up thousands of times. That’s just what it is. You just want to be stronger as a person. You just have to get over it and just not cry. That’s what it is. I think also that nowadays things happen to people so fast, especially in music. Like you know, I know bands that have done their second tour and they’re on a bus. We were on a hundred tours before we were on a bus. You know what I mean? And now, even today, we could have gotten a bus on this tour (gestures to van). But you know? You have to make money, because we’re all old now (laughs)! But yeah, I think that’s the most important thing: when you think you’re at your lowest level, the only place you can go is up. So why not keep trying, instead of just giving up?


Sound advice, for sure. Catch EVERY TIME I DIE on the road from now until July, with more dates to come, we’re sure. This band is in high demand to play for a reason, people. So get out and rage with them. You’ll find tour dates HERE. And don’t forget to grab their latest album From Parts Unknown.


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