Mortillery Massacres The Pawn Shop During Edmonton Extermination Concert!! – April 11, 2015


It’s Saturday night, the weather is just right, and Edmonton is ready to rock, as YEG’s thrash-masters, MORTILLERY, are gearing up for an evening of epic proportions. The band is still gleaming with much well-deserved hype over their pickup on SEPULTURA’S 2014 European tour. And now, after not playing to a local crowd in Edmonton for almost a year, thrashers and metal lovers of all kinds have flocked to The Pawn Shop to catch MORTILLERY in action.


As these five thrash assassins shredded their way through their set, a desire for audible annihilation loomed heavily in the air. So they set about the task of rolling out heart-pounding riffs delivered by guitarists Alex Gutierrez & Kent Quinlan, and complemented by thundering bass lines and drumming of Miranda Wolfe & Kevin Gaudet respectively. All of which was delightfully pulled together with frontwoman Cara McCutchen’s piercing voice as the cherry on top.


On a mission to deliver the heavy metal madness, MORTILLERY kicked off their set with “Sacrifice” and “Evil Remains”, two wicked tracks off of their first full-length album entitled Murder Death Kill from 2011. Next up was various tracks such as “Creature Possessor” and “No Way Out” from 2013’s sophomore disc Origin of Extinction.


Treating their local fans to a handful of songs off of their yet-to-be-released third record that remains unnamed, the audience boomed with excitement. Hair was flying everywhere through the air from start to finish as fans sang and headbanged along to each track that came pouring through the monitors and amps, making this the most energetic local show of 2015!



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