Rocco’s Remote: Game Of Thrones – Season Five Is Finally Upon Us!!


I can’t believe that its back. I really can’t believe its back. I REALLY, REALLY can’t believe that book six isn’t out yet (But that’s not anyone’s problem but mine, sorry).

So, we were treated to Season Five’s premiere of Game of Thrones on HBO Sunday night and from what I’m hearing, (rumbling on the streets) people are feeling underwhelmed? People, get over yourselves. It’s the first episode. And it set up so many freaking things that you really have no idea. For starters, Sansa (Sophie Turner) is in unchartered territory now. I’m a book reader and what we saw Sunday is all new. You have to understand the ramifications of that. It’s big. Know that. And seeing Tyrion (the always brilliant Peter Dinklage) again was like seeing an old high school buddy that you really missed. Having Varys (Conleth Hill) with him on his journey makes it all the more special. What lies ahead should be very interesting with those two. I don’t know what the show runners will choose to do with these storylines, and that excites me to no end! This whole season should be very interesting. We know that HBO picked it up for season six. We also know that all the main actors signed seven season contracts. From here on out this should be a nonstop thrill ride.

Oh my God, how can I forget to talk about Jon Fucking Snow?!?! The guy went against a king (I know, theres plenty of kings, but still) and took care of Mance Rayder his own way. Mark my words people, this guy will be there till the end. Whatever cataclysmic events finish this juggernaut of a story, he will be there.

In reading some other stuff about the show, I noticed they were making a big deal about the flashback scene that opened the episode. Cersei (Lena Headey) was thinking back to her youth, remembering the future that was foretold to her by Maggie the Frog, while being taken to her father’s funeral. Yes, it apparently was the first one of its kind for GoT, but those are the kind of moments that help us understand a character’s motivations and demeanor as they are now. Television shows and movies do that all the time. And let me tell you that in the books, there are hundreds of them. They help shape the ginormous backstory that’s also at play here. Remember people, this story is set in a fictitious world. They have to give some background on some stuff!

The bottom line is this: This show is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It has repeatedly impressed us for four seasons. The story it’s based on is probably the best one I’ve ever read (and it’s not over yet). If the first episode is any indication, this is going to be a real whopper of a season.

Season PASS!

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