Tribulation – The Children Of The Night


When it comes to the different metal sub-genres and variations, there are of course only a few that I, as a fan, like (or hate) more than others. Anything related to Black Metal makes me think that there are only two bands that I truly can listen to for a very long period of time. Lately, I’ve had many opportunities to expand my black metal catalogue with more groups that play a very raw style of it, and I do recognize that they’re capable of creating their own authentic standouts in the genre really well.

I was first introduced to TRIBULATION when they toured for the last time in North America with the sensational bands CANNIBAL CORPSE, BEHEMOTH and AEON. To be honest, I had absolutely no expectations because I had never heard of them in the first place (and their logo was unreadable to me… sorry guys). I was at the House of Blues Dallas back in January, it was a cold and rainy Saturday, and I was very excited for the show to start because it was my first big one of the year. I was hanging out with my friend Tank, and after TRIBULATION started playing their set, I was able to dig into their live performance more and more with each passing minute. Their live show was way better than I expected it to be, and that’s exactly why I decided to write something about them, and get deeper into their music. TRIBULATION is another Swedish metal band (again proving that it’s truly a land where great metal is created) and they have so far released three full-length albums. On this occasion, I gladly decided to check out their latest release The Children of the Night, out April 21, 2015 on Century Media Records .

Before going into the details of each song, let me state that I recommend you listen to this album only after you’re able to reach a very peaceful state of mind (yes, for a black metal band, peaceful). The reason why is because TRIBULATION is a band that is capable of impacting emotions and surroundings with their melody, and in this case, I was able to fully enjoy The Children of the Night when I finally managed to disconnect myself from my everyday activities.

This album is a 56-minute journey, and consists of ten songs that average five to six minutes. “Strange Gateways Beckon” is one that gets you into the black metal mood with a slow rhythm. “Melancholia” is a faster song that still keeps the essence and elegance of black metal in the main riffs. “In The Dreams Of The Dead” has a slow start, but it’s just a matter of seconds until the powerful riffs start to take over the song. “Winds” offers us a very special melody at the beginning that reminds me of a suspenseful and rainy day. “Själaflykt” is an instrumental which basically takes us to “The Motherhood of God” which is their latest single off the record. “Strains of Horror” goes even deeper into what black metal is, with a slower rhythm and beautiful keyboards taking an important part of the song. ”Holy Libations” is another long composition, full of different vibes that will eventually make you headbang. “Cauda Pavonis” is a short instrumental number that leads us into the final song “Music From The Other”, which is an excellent way to close the album. This seven-minute track is exactly as it was during the closing of a band’s set at a live show, that moment where it’s your last chance to do whatever you were doing before while enjoying the music.

Once again I had the pleasure of enjoying a well-produced album that allowed me to reconsider my taste for black metal, and most importantly, become a TRIBULATION fan after experiencing one of their live shows and patiently listening to the structure with their music. If this stuff is on your menu, I recommend that you savor the full TRIBULATION meal, where you get your fork and knife, and slowly cut and taste each piece of the songs that Johannes Andersson, Adam Zaars, Jonathan Hultén and Jakob Ljungberg offer throughout The Children of the Night. Black metal is not really my favorite genre of metal, but this is a band that I’m not missing from now on as far as their releases and tours. I have a deep respect for all their members, and based on what I’ve uncovered from digging into them it’s safe to say we can expect big things from these amazing musicians in the near future.

STANDOUT TRACKS: “Strange Gateways Beckon”, “Melancholia”, “Själaflykt”, “The Motherhood of God”

RATING: 8/10


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