Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock Rips It Up At Sellersville Theater!! – Sellersville, PA


Recently I found myself in Sellersville, PA. Uhhhhh…what? I know, my thoughts exactly. But I was there because MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK was playing at Sellersville Theater. As someone who missed the last run I was hell bent on catching this terrific band of musicians live for the first time. As an added bonus I got to finally meet Sinister Phoenix in person!! Check out the killer shots she got, huh? Vocalist Doogie White, Wayne Findlay (keyboards and 7-string guitar), and the rhythm section of Herman Rarebell (drums) and Francis Buchholz (bass) delivered a powerhouse performance that if you missed it, you absolutely missed out.


Boasting a career-spanning setlist featuring classics from SCORPIONS, UFO, along with Schenker’s solo work, the band wasted no time kicking into the familiar “Doctor Doctor” and then “Live and Let Live” from the brand new Spirit On a Mission album that I highly recommend (look for my record review soon, btw). “Lights Out” and “Natural Thing”, two more UFO gems sandwiched “Where the Wild Winds Blow” from 2014’s Bridge the Gap. The coolest thing was seeing older AND younger fans rocking out to the new stuff every bit as much as the vintage tunes.


There was also a ton of tour shirts from Schenker’s last gig in the crowd, which made me happy because it showed that the real fans show up in droves for a Guitar God like him. And Doogie White, Gods bless him, he bravely bought his way through this show, his third in four nights with a nasty respiratory infection. He was never off-key, just a little short of breath here and there, but he sounded terrific, ESPECIALLY on my all-time fave TEMPLE song “Lord of the Lost and Lonely”, “Vigilante Man” (Mini-Amps’ favorite!), and “Another Piece of Meat” from SCORPIONS.


Sinister Phoenix couldn’t wait for “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and when they finally did it, of course she went a little nutso. She’s so much fun to do a show with, and I can’t wait to work with her again. All told we really had a great time, and wound up making some new friends that night. MICHAEL SCHENKER’S TEMPLE OF ROCK has now delivered two kickass rock records and live they are damn near unstoppable. If they roll through your town, get off your asses and GO!!



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