Korpiklaani – Noita


Imagine yourself coming back home from work, you had the shittiest day ever: you hate your boss, your day job is as boring as waiting for the gasoline to fill up your car’s fuel tank, your neighbor hates your music taste and sent some noise complaints over the past few days, you’re a nice person and the love of your life chose the douchebag over you, traffic is always terrible and add politics, taxes, government, contracts, laws, deadlines, customer service and your choice of things that you just don’t want to deal with… that sucks, right?

Metal has been the solution to most of our crappy situations for months or even decades, and to our fortune, there are bands out there just like KORPIKLAANI… “What? How is that pronounced?” (my first impression just before listening to “Vodka”, from their album Karkelo. That song didn’t made me think about giving a shot to listen to Noita (out now on Nuclear Blast Records) and I feel proud about it.

KORPIKLAANI is another great band that plays the subgenre of Folk Metal. I just can’t stop loving Folk Metal and I wish the vast majority of this society could listen to the melodies and just dance as a big group of drunk friends in the Sixteenth Century…but it probably won’t happen. Folk Metal has never failed me, and definitely my present unfortunate situation with the things mentioned above didn’t feel heavy at all with the melodies that made me jump like a five-year-old receiving his Christmas presents while isolated on a cold and dark day in the middle of…Yes! Finland! Where the best metal is produced!

Noita is an awesome album that lasts 46 minutes and specifically erases all the bad things that you could think of in life. It’s hard to explain until you experience it. “ViinamÑen Mies” will make you dance like an Irish goblin with a Finnish touch, “Pilli On Pajusta Tehty” will make you look for a partner to keep dancing around in circles with. Now by this time you might be so tired that you’d want to rest and enjoy the anthem “Lempo”. But then, you get back up and shake it as you please with “Sahti”. If you feel like running “Luontoni” might be your jam, just make sure you visualize the end of the rainbow because you’ll probably get there. “MinÑ NÑin VedessÑ nNeidon” on the contrary is a very slow song, pretty long, it’s a good one to enjoy. It’s a good transition to move with the happy pirates across the ocean. “Jouni Jouni” will make you move back and forth as if you were a hypnotized cobra, while “KylÑstÑ KevÑinen Kehto” is ideal to start a pit (those that don’t have any douchebags trying to pick a fight). Do you like violins? “émmÑnhauta” is a good melodic tune that will get hook you right when it starts and the final chapter to your temporary happiness before you go back and give yourself a self-hug to deal with bad things that won’t last forever, headbang as hard as you can with “Sen Verran MinÑkin Noita”.

It’s absolutely hard to describe the emotions that this album produced in me, but I wish I could share exactly the same things with somebody else to just…do something positive for human kind, you know?  KORPIKLAANI sure knows how to write unique songs, and this album is not the exception. Why can’t we get more bands like this in the United States? I definitely recommend you pick this record up right now, and let Noita take your best out of you to just get up, go out there, put the strongest smile on your face and let the unimportant things slip away instead of trying to pull you down. FOLK METAL NEVER FAILS.


RATING: 9.5/10


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